Debunking Crazy Ideas

People will believe what they want to believe even when information confirms that their beliefs are wrong.  People will see what they want to see, even when what they see has nothing to do with the truth.  Our brains help us to record memories, but at the same time, they let us have imagination, and sometimes the signals get crossed, so people have a hard time determining reality.  Many Americans are now living in a self-created reality because their perception is being controlled by whackos like QAnon or other conspiracy theories, or perhaps they are watching FOX News.

The planet we live on is flat
A growing conspiracy theory says that the Earth is not a globe, but instead a flat disc.  All the evidence points to the Earth being spherical, thousands of pictures and videos support this, but Flat Earthers dismiss everything as being fraudulent.  Our ancient ancestors figured this out a long time ago, by watching ships approaching from the sea.  Since the surface of the sea is slightly curved, they would see the sails before the hulls of the ships came into view.  When people become educated by science, what in the hell would force their thinking to go backward?  Are these people just pretending to think that the Earth is flat, to gain some type of attention?  The Flat Earthers are Christians whose beliefs lie on the fringes of this religion, and they think that the rest of the world is trying to deceive them.

The planet is only six thousand years old, give or take a few thousand years
This was brough up in the 1960 movie Inherit The Wind where a science teacher was accused of the crime of teaching evolution and this movie was based on the so-called Scopes Monkey Trial, which took place in 1925.  This Biblical scholar Irish Archbishop James Ussher went through all the timelines in the Bible and he determined that Creation took place on or about 4004 BC.  The problem with this logic is that the Bible is meant to be stories that can be told to teach you how to be a good person and most of them don’t have a place in reality, especially since there is very little evidence to back up any of these stories.  The Bible does have timelines that can be deciphered if you look at it close enough, but when it says that light was created on day one, it does not say that this day was a 24-hour long day, so perhaps it could have been longer.  There were certainly no clocks around on day one, so it could have easily been much longer.

White humans are superior to non-white humans
White people were in control of everything when America started out and they think that they are more privileged than others.  Some white people think their race has a genetic purity which makes them superior over every other race, but this is just a raciest notion and there are no scientific facts to support this.  The different ethnic groups of humans evolved over time and in the beginning, we even bred with the Neanderthals.  We settled in different regions and became different groups, but no population is purer than another.

The 2020 U.S. presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump
Trump is a spoiled brat and he is used to getting his own way, so he is a poor loser.  He is a master at spreading misinformation and he feels that if a lie is repeated enough times, that it will eventually become the truth.  He decided to cast doubt on the 2020 election results and he has been collecting money the whole time from suckers that believe him.  He has taken in over $255 million in donations from his supporters due to his nonstop fund-raising, and he will keep on taking money from anyone who is stupid enough to send it to him.

Chocolate milk comes from brown cows
Thanks for this one Fandango, but according to a survey seven percent of all American adults actually believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.  This online survey was commissioned by the Innovation Center of U.S. Dairy.  A lot of people lack knowledge about food, especially those that did not grow up on farms, and it seems that all they know is where to get it and that they should eat it when they are hungry.  Most Americans live in cities and these people don’t understand where their food comes from, or how it is produced.

I am shipping Ghosts, Angels and an afterlife because this post is getting way too long, but I reserve my right to discuss these topics later if needed.

Humans and dinosaurs coexisted on Earth at the same time
Dinosaurs lived on Earth for about 165 million years, but they all went extinct about 65 million years ago and this was probably caused by either an impact of a large celestial object or a vast volcanic eruption.  Modern birds descended from a group of meat-eating dinosaurs called theropods and they are considered to be true dinosaurs.  Humans have only been around for the last two million years, so we never coexisted with the dinosaurs.  Amazingly, 41% of Americans believe humans and dinosaurs coexisted and that probably comes from watching too many Meet The Flintstones cartoons when they were young.

Poor people are poor because they are lazy
Poor people are stuck in poverty and that is not because they are lazy.  They probably work harder than any of the rich people do, so this is just a misconception that these poor people choose instant gratification over long-term success.  A pervasive belief in our society is that if someone was able to become successful, then everyone else should also be able to achieve success, but that is very difficult when society is holding these poor people back.  Economic walls have been put in place to make people poor and keep the rich people rich.

Climate change is certainly a real problem, the Holocaust happened, we landed on the moon several times and evolution is much more than just a theory.  There are a whole host of conspiracy theories out there if you are crazy enough to follow them.  Some people don’t trust vaccines and a lot of these same people are refusing to wear masks, which is making this Covid-19 pandemic spread more than it has to.  They complain that the vaccine is dangerous, ineffective and an infringement on their own personal rights and that it could cause their children to develop autism.  Sometimes it is hard to trust the government because they have been caught in a lot of coverups and nobody is being forced to be vaccinated, but these conspiracy nutjobs are only making the situation worse.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #167 which asks if many Americans are gullible or just stupid and I have to say “yes” to both.

18 thoughts on “Debunking Crazy Ideas

  1. You’ve discussed it in detail and logically. It does prove the either people in America are very stupid or oblivious of reality. Not all, but many.

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  2. People who generalize as fact what they ‘believe’ others believe, think they know everything, and promote opinion as fact, are the biggest fools. IMHO … we’d all be better off telling others what we ourselves believe (and why we believe it) this way we don’t foolishly claim to be mind readers or become bigots. 😉

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  3. Jim, thank you for taking the time to elaborate on all of these weird beliefs and conspiracy theories. I just wish that people had the common sense and critical thinking abilities to see through all of that nonsense.

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  4. Chocolate milk comes from brown cows… it doesn’t?
    The planet we live on is flat…. I can’t believe people still believe this. Even the Bible said it was a sphere…long before pictures from space.

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    1. Some people consider the Bible to be the source of all knowledge, but it is not a history book, nor is it a science book, as it is a story book. The scriptures never explicitly state the shape of our planet, nor does the Bible propose to teach that it is round or flat, although there are portions that imply the Earth is round.

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      1. Isaiah 40:22
        A circle is a sphere. “It is he who sits above the circle of the earth.”
        That is what I get from it…you may not.

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