Caroline’s mom was an anti-vaxxer and she just passed away from Covid-19 complications.  Caroline told her mother Alice all the time to wear her mask and get vaccinated, but Alice didn’t want anyone to infringe on her freedom.  Alice was always flouting anti-vaccine rhetoric and disseminating misinformation.  Alice believed in QAnon and she became a big part of the vaccine-resistance movement, by creating a black hole of lies intended to suck others into her way of thinking.  Distrust became her business and she utilized that to inspire fear and brainwash her followers.  Many people found her anti-lockdown posts very compelling, and they stopped wearing masks and refused to get vaccinated, allowing this virus to mutate and become more dangerous.  Caroline sobbed and streaks of mascara ran down her cheeks.  She wore a black hoodie to her mom’s funeral, so she could hide her face in shame, as it was hard for her to feel any compassion for anyone who advocated against use of the COVID-19 vaccine.  Caroline placed her hands on her head, thinking that maybe Alice had gotten her just deserves.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #136, where the Image credit goes to Muhammed Hassan @ Unsplash.

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