Unsubstantiated Claims

Many Republicans say that it is not the facts per se that are important, as they still feel that voter fraud caused Trump to lose the last election.  The votes have been counted and recounted, but they still go along with the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen.  Claims that the 2020 election was fraudulent have been repeatedly disproven through exhaustive audits, recounts, reports and reviews, but a lot of people in this nation still believe the bullshit that Trump is feeding them.  Trump still hasn’t conceded that he lost and his cult like following has created a new reality, where if the lie is repeated enough times, that enough people will believe it and it will become true.  Politics are not based on rational thoughts as ignorance plays into it all the time.  Most people have much better things to do with their lives than pay attention to political issues, so they vote with their heart, instead of their head.  Trump served the political agenda of white, evangelical Christians, and the very rich in this country and he didn’t give a damn about much else.

Most presidents tried to unify the nation after getting to the White House, but Trump was always looking for a political fight, using his office to criticize his perceived adversaries, from the news media to members of his own administration, elected officials in both political parties and foreign heads of state.  He did a lot of tweeting about building a wall and draining the swamp, but the only thing he accomplished was to divide this country and make everything even more corrupt.  Trump’s overall approval rating never exceeded 50% and fell to a low of just 29% in his final weeks in office, shortly after a mob of his supporters attacked the Capitol.  Trump along with FOX News provided an alternate set of facts for people to listen to, that can be used in place of the truth, which seems intrinsically wrong, but misinformation or disinformation and calling everything Fake News, seems to work for them, per se.

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Per Se.

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  1. Part of the problem is the bubble most of us live in. T* supporters live and work with other T* supporters. They probably don’t even know any Democrats and believe they’re all in NY and California. Given that, plus faux news, they find it impossible to believe that so many people voted for Biden…

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    1. that’s so true. I’m here in Texas, due to my wife’s work and her family being here, and I see that all the time… the neighborhoods are so pro-Trump, and they listen to the same Fox news so they saw maybe two Biden signs in all their travels and simply cannot believe that Trump didn’t win by the biggest landslide ever …can’t extrapolate or comprehend that once you go to California, or NY or many of the big cities around the land, people were every bit as unanimous in favor of Biden (or at least in their desire to be rid of Trump.)

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  2. yep – funny I come to this post today, when someone else wrote a blog about “The West wing” tv show, which I see you also commented on. How far the country’s descended politically since then. When people stopped believing regular network news, metropolitan newspapers and agencies like Reuters and took to believing anonymous yahbos on Twitter or Facebook instead, things got bad quickly.

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  3. I think the days of the American democratic republic are numbered. I believe that both houses of Congress will be won by Republicans and unless he’s convicted, imprisoned, dies, or is assassinated (all unlikely), he will win in 2024 and we are doomed.

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