Thursday Inspiration #160 Everybody Wants You

Respond to this challenge, by either by using the prompt word wind, or going with the above picture, or by means of the song ‘Everybody Wants You’, or by going with another song by Billy Squire, or anything else that you think fits.  This song was recorded on Billy Squire’s 1982 third studio album Emotions in Motions, which ended up triple-platinum certified.  This song peaked at #32 on the Billboard Top 100 chart and it spent 17 weeks on the chart, however it didn’t make the year-end Billboard Top 100.  ‘Everybody Wants You’ discusses the life of a rock star, as they crave all the attention, but still can never get away from it, even after they try drowning their sorrows in “loneliness and alcohol”.  Billy Squire sang lead vocals, and played guitar, Kevin Osborn was also on guitar, Jeff Golub another guitarist, Doug Lubahn on bass, Alan St. Jon keyboardist, and Bobby Chouinard was the drummer on this song.

Billy Squire started out playing piano at the age of nine, taught by his grandfather, but once he heard John Mayall and the Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton playing guitar, he switched instruments.  In the late ‘60s he began playing in local Boston clubs, and formed a band with Jerry Nolan, who went on to join the New York Dolls.  In 1980, Squire signed with Capitol Records and recorded his debut album, The Tale of the Tape.  Queen guitarist Brian May was going to produce Billy’s first album, but he got busy and recommended their producer Reinhold Mack.  Squire made it a point to run into him in a bar at the Waldorf-Astoria.  Reinhold Mack is a German record producer and sound engineer that collaborated with Lulu, ELO, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Scorpions, Meat Loaf, T. Rex, Black Sabbath and Sparks.  Mack ended up coproducing Squire’s second album Don’t Say No with Billy Squire and this one also.

By the time Squire released his next album, 1984’s Signs of Life, with famed Meat Loaf producer and songwriter Jim Steinman, he had become a megastar, and ‘Rock Me Tonite’ was the biggest hit he had ever had, reaching #11 on the Billboard charts.  For a brief period in time, Billy Squire was one of the biggest rock stars, till Hollywood director Kenny Ortega directed this video.  This video featured Squire prancing and flailing around in a pastel-colored bedroom with satin sheets on the bed.  This video received so many negative reviews that it made Squire look like a fool and he blames it on killing his career.

You give it all away, everybody wants you
You crave attention, you can never say “no”
Throw your affections any way the wind blows
You always make it, you’re on top of the scene
You sell the copy like the cover of a magazine

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  1. He was the second concert I ever went to. He was great live…great singer and guitar player. I like this song a lot.

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