I Am Still Wearing My Mask

As much as the world needed a break, it also needed to… stay diligent for the threat that is perceived to still be coming.  The Covid pandemic is far from being over and a new wave is expected to hit us again and again.  I am optimistic that it will eventually end, but the risk of getting sick is not low enough yet, so I will continue to take the necessary precautions, and it is possible that over time, our bodies are going to learn how to deal with this virus.  Lockdown restrictions have been rescinded and many people have stopped wearing masks out in public.  We have several highly effective vaccines that can protect us, but nobody knows for sure if the rates for Corona virus will go down, or if they will continue to fluctuate.  Most people think that we should accept that Covid is here to stay, and these people just want to get on with their lives, even though the CDC still recommends that everyone should be still wearing masks, as an average of 40 Americans are still dying form Covid-19 every day.  As of May 11, 2022, a total of 996,376 COVID-19 deaths have been reported in the United States, which is almost 0.3 percent of our population.

People realize that we will never reach herd immunity, because so many people have resisted getting vaccinated and also, we don’t know how well the current vaccines are protecting people from becoming infected by new variants, or from spreading the virus to others.  Vaccinated individuals have become infected, although their illness tends to be less severe.  Heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death in the United States, but last year COVID-19 was the third leading cause of death in the U.S.  In the winter of 2021, more than 3,400 Americans were dying every day from the virus on an average, so it appears that we are doing much better now.  The omicron BA.2 variant, which is sometimes called “stealth omicron”, because its genetic mutations initially made it difficult to detect, is now spreading rapidly in certain parts of the world, and this new variant appears to be 50 to 60 percent more transmissible than the original omicron.  Even if we take precautions, we probably won’t be able to prevent this virus from being transmissible, but we may be able to prevent it from killing us.  Realistically, COVID-19 will gradually transition from pandemic to endemic status, a situation in which the disease is consistently present in the world, but is being confined to a particular region, making transmission somewhat predictable and reducing or eliminating the need for broad societal interventions.

Written for EM Writing Prompts May 2022 Week 3.

30 thoughts on “I Am Still Wearing My Mask

  1. I take my son three two times a week for therapy, at the hospital, where masks are required. They no longer have the “greeters” who did the temperatures, handed out ID stickers, shot everybody with hand sanitizer, and frowned until we donned the nasty blue and white masks. I hate those masks, but our home stitched ones with the best filter sewn in and bearing whimsy critters and cute sayings are verboten. Bah! The Hospital Gestapo chief stopped me in my tracks en route to the elevator to go down to therapy…he was a big guy, wore a Volunteer badge, and glowered as he demanded “do you know where you’re going?” I said sweetly “Yes, do you?” I put on my “Rude sweet little old itchbay.” act. We were both wearing masks, yay!

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      1. so far, so good. However, a person I know fairly well is in hospital as we speak with Covid, and pneumonia. Yes, she is fully vaccinated and boosted… Her name is Carol. She’s 78 years old, none of the “likely” vulnerabilities…not uh, “overweight,” Tries to avoid public places; where’s masks and otherwise cooperates with health rules. Where will this all end?

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      1. Possibly, it depends on what they died from. One has to look into all the circumstances of each individual who are precious souls.

        Sadly, all too many people get cremated when they die without an autopsy, so the evidence is burnt.

        The scam is that vitamin D is the true pandemic, but big pharma, mask makers, politicians etc. not keen on that as it doesn’t make much money.

        And they don’t care about our precious souls, let alone our friends and family.


      2. While I do not have a particularly high opinion of the commercial and political world, I don’t doubt that the virus was very real. If this was all a scam, then governments are far more foolish than I rate them for plunging themselves into dire economic consequences.

        Infectious disease has been around for thousands of years, and measures to limit the suffering it caused were a wise protection. What would the Israelites have done in the wilderness without the health laws within the Mosaic Law? They were protected by taking the warnings over infectious disease seriously.

        For myself…a face mask is a very small measure. If it rains, I have the option of putting a hood over my hair or using an umbrella. To me, a hood and an umbrella are not an inconvenience, they save me the trouble of messy hair. A face mask is just a piece of fabric that is not inconvenient to me, but of the numerous occasions when I was out socializing in recent months and choosing to wear one when in an enclosed environment seemed to have served as a protection when others in the group I was in who did not wear a face mask later tested positive for covid and had to take time off from work. That little piece of fabric has saved me inconvenience.

        I do not know how on earth it all became controversial when it is just a little piece of fabric, that is mostly now an optional measure in many lands. I am rather glad we have come to the stage where it is optional to use these protective measures, as the constant grumbling of those who struggled with the law insisting on people upholding protective measures was tiresome.

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      3. Many thanks for your reply. Well, as regards governments being foolish, this is true. They never have been very good of late, all the chopping and changing and numerous laws tying everybody up in knots,

        But the current issues have woken many up to the damage we have been doing to the planet and ourselves and that we don’t need to rush around like headless chickens. We can walk and cycle (I always have as much as possible) and work from home more for example.

        As regards the Israelites as I recall only two survived to enter the Promised Land. They disobeyed God, so that didn’t work out too well. The problem is that whilst bacteria can be transferred by contact, viruses are chemical and cannot. Germ and viral theory is fundamentally flawed.

        Covid 19 is the ‘flu renamed in 2020 by big pharma etc as re-branding helps sell such things as vaccines.

        Masks are fine for dust, sand and diesel fumes, but not for the ‘flu/Covid as this is the internal toxicosis of the body due to metabolism of food, exacerbated by the many toxins in the environment, or things we might have injected into our bodies if we are not careful.

        In the UK the so-called law was guidance, but few people double checked or used common sense, sadly lacking nowadays, although I see it returning in some quarters.

        The thing is, fear is a major problem to the immune system. You may know the phrase “What you fear will come upon you”. Your immune system will freeze if you are afraid and cause you problems. So if something makes you less fearful that can help, but it doesn’t mean it actually works, just that you are more at peace.


      4. I think since Adam’s selfish decision mankind has developed a system of things that does not make sense. I am looking forward to the damage being undone and a total clean sweep. There is a much better way of life, one that is in harmony with creation.

        I still think that the scriptures give us a balanced view of protective measures to prevent illness and accidents. We cannot control everything, and unreasonable fear and anxiety are not warranted, but sensible practical measures show a respect for the precious gift of life.

        I feel peace from showing my love for my Creator, for the gift of life, for other people, for planet, and all creation. I put my full faith and hope in His purposes.

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  2. I wear a mask whenever I go out in a public setting and I’m surprised that I’m often the only one — or one of a small handful — who is still wearing a mask at places like the grocery store, hardware store, or pet store.

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      1. Yes we are…I don’t see it ever going away but as vaccines and treatments improve…which they have but not there yet…I think it will be like the flu after a while.

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  3. “we don’t know how well the current vaccines are protecting people from becoming infected by new variants,”

    That data is now out and it’s dismal. Vaccines protect for two months and decline until going negative at 6 months. Boosters hardly do anything except cause myocarditis and clots.

    As regards masks, physicists have now looked at them:

    “Droplet evaporation on porous fabric materials


    Droplet evaporation on porous materials is a complex dynamic that occurs with spontaneous liquid imbibition through pores by capillary action. Here, we explore water dynamics on a porous fabric substrate with in-situ observations of X-ray and optical imaging techniques. We show how spreading and wicking lead to water imbibition through a porous substrate, enhancing the wetted surface area and consequently promoting evaporation. These sequential dynamics offer a framework to understand the alterations in the evaporation due to porosity for the particular case of fabric materials and a clue of how face masks interact with respiratory droplets.”

    Note the last sentence: ” a clue of how face masks interact with respiratory droplets.”


    I would say that the physicist authors are somewhat skeptical about the ability of facemasks to prevent viral transmission. Certainly, the pro-mask studies that relied on droplets and solid particles to evaluate facemasks have been thrown in the trash by this new paper.

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