Dealing With Medical Issues

1) Were doctor/dentist appointments a regular part of your childhood?
When I was really young, our family doctor actually made visits to our house, but this stopped in the early ‘60s.  I had regular appointments for the dentist after I lost my baby teeth.

2) Did you go for well-checks or just when you were ill or in pain?
I do have to go for an annual wellness checkup, which is dictated by Medicare, but before this, I only went when I was sick or in pain.

3) Were you frightened by the medical professionals? If so, were there specific reasons?
Not at all, although when I was really young, I didn’t like to be naked in front of nurses.  One time a nurse told me to pee in a cup and it just felt weird with her being right next to me.  Another time my rear end was hurting, because I had a pilonidal cyst, and I didn’t enjoy the nurse seeing me naked while the doctor lanced it.  Since then, I have done a complete 180, and now I only like female doctors to see me naked and touch me.

4) Were your parents afraid of medical professionals?
dad had a scare with this one doctor who he finally determined to be a quack.  My dad had this large freckle on his chest and the doctor told him that he didn’t like the way it looked so he had my dad go for surgery to have it removed, but they determined that it was harmless, so this ended up being a waste of time.  This doctor then told my dad that he would like to have him have a spinal tap to diagnose certain health conditions.  My dad had the procedure, but after that he said that his back was never the same and then he stopped seeing this doctor.

5) Was waiting in the exam room stressful to you?
I never had a problem until recently, as I know that my doctor is going to take my blood pressure when she comes into the room, and if it is too high that will make her mad.  Waiting seems to stress me out, as I always arrive early for my doctor appointments and the make me sit in the waiting room.  Then they weigh me and put me in the exam room and tell me that the doctor will be in shortly.

6) Did your early visits result in your being afraid of needles?
I never had a problem with vaccines.

7) Does the sight of your own blood bother you?
I usually look away when my blood is being drawn, but it usually doesn’t bother me.

8) Did you ever have the need to go to an emergency room?
Yes, after my brother pushed me through a glass shower stall when we were taking a shower together.  We were probably too old to still be taking showers together, with him being 5 and me being 6, but I guess it saved time for my parents.  We took turns going under the water and while it was his turn to be under the water, I got soap in my eyes, so I tapped him on the back and told him to let me under the water.  He said it was his turn and we pushed each other, and I slipped.  I ended up getting 35 stitches in my back.

9) Did your early experiences impact your current attitudes about medical care?
I am not certain how to answer this question as I have nothing but respect for people that work in the medical field.

Written for Throwback Thursday #38 which is hosted by Lauren and Maggie and this week it is Lauren’s turn and her topic is “Visits To Doctors and / or Dentists”.

8 thoughts on “Dealing With Medical Issues

  1. Did you ever have the need to go to an emergency room? – I had a risky operation on my spine in 2007 and I was told I’d be in hospital for around three weeks. It turned out to be a stay of almost four months!
    I developed sepsis, muscle loss etc. and was in and out of intensive care. I’d lost a lot of blood and on top of that the skin graft didn’t take, I couldn’t keep any food down and my weight went down to six stone at one stage.
    If it wasn’t for the anaesthetist, I would not have made it, I was told after I got better.

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  2. Was waiting in the exam room stressful to you?
    I have white coat fever very bad. I’m better now but when they would come in to take my blood pressure it would be super high…and they would say…we will be back in five minutes…they come back and my bp would be normal…I don’t know why I do that at times.

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