Android, Cyborg, Robot

An android is a robot that looks and acts like it is human.  A cyborg is a human being that contains some robotic parts.  If something is part human and part robot it would be a cybernetic being, as it just needs some combination of organic and mechanic body parts.  If a chip was implanted in your brain that allowed you to update yourself, that would make you a cyborg.  The movie characters Darth Vader, RoboCop, the Terminator, Steve Austin, Jaime Sommers, Tony Stark and Seven of Nine are all cyborgs.  The meaning gets stretched by some scientists as they feel that people with cochlear implants (hearing aids), cardiac pacemakers or even contact lenses should be classified as being cyborgs.  I can see their point, as these devices augment the human body with technology, and they work together to improve human capabilities.

Neil Harbisson is the world’s first real cyborg.  He was born with a rare form of color blindness, and in 2004 an antenna was embedded into his skull that allows him to re-tune his senses.  Dr. Kevin Warwick is known as “Captain Cyborg” and he installed a microchip in his arm which lets him operate lights, heaters or computers remotely.  Jesse Sullivan suffered a life-threatening accident and both of his arms needed to be amputated.  He became the world’s first “Bionic Man” when his arms were replaced with robotic prosthetics.  Jerry Jalava lost his left ring finger in a motorcycle accident and had it replaced with a 2GB USB port.  One day scientists think it will be possible to install biological brains into a robot body.

Alexa is classified as an AI assistant, and Amazon has created a robot version of her named Astro, which can drive around your home.  Astro features a set of expressive animated eyes, which are a series of cameras, and it can map your home’s layout, recognize objects, and check on loved ones and pets remotely.  This could be helpful to determine which dog pooped on the rug.  Alexa knows all of these lame, stupid Dad Jokes, so today I asked her if she knew any dirty jokes.  She asked me, “What do you call a skid mark that refuses to come out?”  Alexa gave me the answer, “Undie turd”, which I actually thought was funny.

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Human.

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