Time To Complain

This happened a few weeks back where WordPress changed the way that they sent their notifications to me, making everything more difficult.  This seems to be a common theme with WordPress, as they enjoy changing things around and most of the time it ends up being worse.  I have no clue why they keep trying to fix things that aren’t broke, but some hot shot programmer must have convinced them that this would be better.  I host two different challenges here on WordPress, the ever-popular Song Lyric Sunday and the much more insignificant Thursday Inspiration, but I enjoy doing both of these challenges.  The old notifications that I got when anyone created a pingback to my posts, allowed me to click on a link that led me directly to the post of the person who responded.  Now it is al F’d up, and I have to go to my original post and scroll down to find their link and then click on that to see their post.  I have not complained to the Happiness Engineers as of yet but having to do extra steps really sucks.  I am wondering if any of the other bloggers that host challenges are experiencing the same problems that I am.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

25 thoughts on “Time To Complain

  1. At one time, when I made a comment in Reader, it would take me back to the post I commented on. Now I get a blank page. The back button takes me back to the WP Reader page. Sometimes all the way to the Site page. This is absurd.

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  2. I’ve abandoned all hope of trying to figure out why WordPress keeps doing things like this. They keep changing things that don’t need changing and not fixing things that are broken. Unfortunately, when it comes to having a strong community of engaged and interactive bloggers, WordPress is the only game in town.

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      1. One thing I don’t like about the block editor is you cannot just quickly delete something…on some you have to go block by block and it gets tedious.

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