What I Listen To

1.What music were you exposed to in your family home – genre, artist, or style.
My parents listened to Lawrence Welk, Mitch Miller, Frank Sinatra and stuff like that.  We took cross country trips from New York to Wisconsin every year, so my mom could see her family and a lot of times we would all sing tunes while driving in the car.  The ones that I remember are ‘Ragtime Cowboy Joe’ and ‘The Three Little Fishes’ which were fun.  They did have Christmas albums that they would play during the holiday season and my favorite one was The Stingiest Man In Town.

2. Did you enjoy that type of music or did you rebel against it?
I was a product of my environment, only knowing what I knew.  Since I was not in charge, I embraced what my parents listened to.

3. How did you listen to music in your childhood home? Radio? Record player? Television?
We had radios in the car, a record player and many televisions around our house.  My parents enjoyed the Dinah Shore show and the Perry Como show, which were both popular in the 50s.  Later on, they watched the Andy Williams show and the Doris Day show.

4. Did you buy records, tapes, cassettes, 8-tracks or CDs?
My High School friends all had Corvettes or Chevelles and nice stereo systems, but I never had the nice car.  My grandmother died when I was in High School and she left me $1,500 in her will, so I finally got the nice stereo, which was better than what my friends had.  At one time I had about 400 albums and I had an 8-track player in my car.  I also had cassettes and I took my cassette recorder with me to several Grateful Dead shows, so we could listen to them on the way home after the shows that we went to.

5. What performers were you drawn to most as an adolescent?
I saw the Grateful Dead 35 times in concert, but I saw a lot of other groups like Mountain, the James Gang, the Rolling Stones, the Allman Brothers, the Band and others.

6. Who did you go to see for your first concert? Who did you go with?
The Grateful Dead and the first song they played was ‘Truckin’’.  The town that I lived in was filled with Deadheads, so we all went together.

7. What concert has been your favorite concert to date?
The 1973 Watkins Glen Summer Jam which featured the Grateful Dead, The Band and the Allman Brothers.

8. When do you listen to music? In the car? At work? While studying or doing projects?
I have a CD player in my car that I use a lot and Orlando has a pretty good Classic Rock station that I like on my radio.  At home I usually watch YouTube videos.

9. Did the music you listened to affect your attitudes, way of dress, or view of the world?
I think the music that I selected as my choice has affected a lot of my life.  I may not dress like a hippie anymore, but I still have that love, peace and live for today attitude, which will always give me a purpose for living.

10. How has your choice of music changed over the years? What is your genre of choice at this phase of your life?
I think that hosting Song Lyric Sunday has broadened my appreciation for different types of music, or it had at least made me more tolerant of different genres.

Bonus Question: What band or group posters did you have hanging in your room? Extra extra bonus points if you can share a copy of it or a link to it.
I had this very rare double-sided poster, which I don’t have any more.  It was sort of a one of a kind, because I never saw it anywhere else.  To me it was a Jerry Garcia on the front and an Eric Clapton on the back, but some people thought that I was displaying the wrong side.  The picture below is similar to the poster (without that Best Magazine on it) that I had and it is selling for $85 now.

EXTRA EXTRA BONUS: Care to share a playlist from Spotify?
I don’t have Spotify.

Written for Throwback Thursday #37 which is hosted by Lauren and Maggie and this week it is Maggie’s turn and her topic is “Discovering Your Musical Taste”.

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  1. To be honest, I can’t really remember what music my father liked but I know my mum liked her soul and disco. Michael Jackson was a big favourite of her’s even in his early days on Motown.

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  2. Lots of familiar music from your parents Jim. I think the music my parents loved gave me a great exposure to a broad range of music. You certainly saw a lot of Dead concerts! This might be a good time to pick up the free Spotify and listen to the playlists others are sharing. Thanks for joining in this week.

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    1. Yes, I heard that you can get Spotify free for the first three months and then pay $9.99/month after that. Amazon also wants me to get their music service and I just don’t want to pay yet, but some day that may change.

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  3. What music were you exposed to in your family home … A lot of Ray Charles and Merle Haggard from my parents and Osmonds, David Cassidy from my sister. My parents had much better tastes

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