Root of All Evil

I wandered aimlessly through the museum seeking any form of distraction to avoid… the mischievous Capuchin monkey.  This spunky monkey has made it his business to create chaos, wreak havoc and let slip the dogs of war with its general devastation that extinguishes all hope for a normal reality, while it exacerbates my suffering on a nightly basis.  Paul the apostle got it wrong saying that, “Money is the root of all evil”, as this expression should have said, “Monkeys are the root of all evil”, well at least this one is.  At one time the monkey was toilet trained, but it seems to have lost that ability, and now it throws its poop around and plays with its pee.  We have it wearing diapers now and I am glad that it isn’t my job to change them.  I told the owner of the museum that we needed to get rid of the hairball, but he thinks that monkeys are an integral part of the history of the organ grinder.  Most of the visitors to the organ grinder museum where I work, think this monkey is cute and adorable, and at first this furry creature was more or less harmless, but as he aged, this sweet baby grew up to be a wild animal.

He has become unpredictably aggressive and nothing is safe, as this curious creature likes to get into everything.  After he bit that child, we keep him confined in a glass cage where the public can see him, but the truth is that he doesn’t like it there.  It is like having a permanent toddler around, one who requires constant attention and care and he will never be truly domesticated.  The saying, “monkey around” means to goof around or cause harmless trouble, but this guy causes serious trouble.  Any time that you monkey around someone is probably going to get hurt and I am glad that we just have one monkey and not a whole barrel full of them.  The monkey is being deprived of social interaction as it needs to be with other monkeys and when it gets bored, it makes an awful pet.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #44.

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