Trouble Sleeping

One day, in the dead of night, the idea came to her to… try out the vibrator that she just bought.  She didn’t have a partner and with the pandemic still going on, she decided against looking for one, but she needed to get some sleep.  She did a search for the best vibrator, and she ordered it on Amazon, but she was one of the small group of women that had never masturbated before.  Her girlfriend put the idea in her head by telling her that May is International Masturbation Month.  She figured that it is never too late to get into the task of exploring her body and finding out exactly how it works.  She knew that tonight was going to be an important and healthy step in her sexual journey.  She led a sheltered existence, never being told anything about masturbation and she always thought that it was something shameful, which only loose women would do.  She wasn’t what you would call a particularly horny person and she never felt the urge to touch herself before.

She decided that tonight would be the night that she tries it and if it doesn’t work that will be fine for her.  The difficult part for her would be starting, because the vibrator is intimidating to her, because she is a first-time user.  She is scared of doing it wrong and even though the vibrator came with an instruction manual that told her how it works, it did not tell her what to do.  She took it out of the package figuring that it was time to get to know her vibrator and then she washed it off.  It was a hand-held battery type and she put the batteries in and started checking out the buttons after reading the manual.  Now that she had familiarized herself with the toy, she knew that it was time for her to fiddle around.  The toy didn’t make much noise and she lived alone, so there was no need to worry about privacy, but she locked her bedroom door anyway, turned off her phone and lowered the lights and lit up some candles and turned on some soft music to set the mood.  She had put new sheets on her bed, and she gave herself permission to fantasize and explore.

She took a long hot bath to relax herself and decided to wear a negligee with no panties or bra underneath, because she figured this would make it more convenient to touch herself.  She felt like a delicate flower that was ready to bloom.  She knew what she longed for, and she was going to take her time to get there.  She was unsure about what she should focus on and she decided to touch her earlobes and then she caressed her neck with her fingers.  Not bad for a start, but she needed to keep going.  She wasn’t ready for the vibrator yet, so she decided to touch her nipples.  She used a light touch that felt like it was just enough for her.  She had read about women and men reaching orgasms by nipple stimulation, because the sensation received from the nipples would travel to the same part of the brain as the sensations from other sex organs, but she was not sure this was going to work for her, and maybe she needed to apply more pressure, utilize a percussive tapping, or try some type of tweaking to experience these wonderful sensations.  She gave up on the nipple play deciding that it was time to switch on her toy and use it on her clitoris and inside of her vagina, because she really needed to make herself happy by curbing her frustration with her battery-operated friend.

Written for EM Writing Prompts May 2022 Week 1.

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