Many Fantastic Colors

1.According to the song, what color is love?
That depends on who you ask, but personally I have no opinion.

2. Who sang about a Green Door?
Kermit the frog.

3. What color ribbon is used to adorn old oak trees?

4. What color is associated with Lily?

5. Who had 99 Red Balloons?

6. Black is Black, but what did he want back?
No more will my green sea turn a deeper blue.

7. What color was the People Eater?
I am not really sure, but I know he was a flying extraterrestrial with one eye, and one horn, that was known for consuming purple people and that is why he moved to Minnesota.

8. What color is Bing’s Christmas?
It was red and green so it would match David Bowie’s lipstick and eye makeup.

9. Godley and Creme didn’t want to be under your …………. what?
Umbrella at the bus stop.

10. Brown Sugar was a massive hit for which group?
The Archies.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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