Put On a Happy Face

1.What is at least one thing that makes you happy today?
I just finished the last two slices of the Easter ham.  I made an open face sandwich on some toasted cheese bread.

2. What is one thing that happened last week that made you feel positive and happy?
I had three things that made me happy this past week.  One was getting my car fixed, another was finally getting my hair cut and the other was going to the dentist and getting antibiotics for my tooth ache.  The dentist thing is ongoing, as she took x-rays and found that I need a root canal in a tooth that already has a crown on it, so I scheduled an appointment with an endodontic surgeon, which is not something I am happy about, but if it gets rid of the pain, that is all I want.

3. What is your positive personal mantra? (Mantra means “a statement or slogan repeated frequently” via Oxford Dictionary.)
I read that technically, everyone has an affirmation, whether they’re aware of it or not.  It’s a phrase that you hear in your head over and over or tell yourself repeatedly, but for some odd reason, my brain works differently from others.  I read that if a shark stops swimming, that they will die, but I think that this is only true for certain sharks.  The great white shark, the whale shark, and the mako shark don’t have buccal muscles, so these sharks need to swim with their mouths open.  Thus, the faster they swim, the more water is pushed through their gills.  If they stop swimming, they stop receiving oxygen hence they either move or die.  I guess it is never too late to adopt a personal mantra, so I will go with what Dory says, “Just keep swimming!”

4. What is the nicest act you secretly did for someone?
This guy was in a fight at this party, and I heard that the police were coming, so I told him that he should leave before they arrive.  He said, “You don’t tell me nothing”, and then he punched me in my eye, which is proof that no good deed ever goes unpunished.

5. What is one hobby you would like to try?
I would like to learn how to play an instrument, or one say go up on stage and sing karaoke.

Bonus Question: What is your go-to song to belt out in the shower?

Written for Amy aka E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt #21.

9 thoughts on “Put On a Happy Face

  1. What is at least one thing that makes you happy today?… writing a post about a bluegrass song…because it was so out of character.

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  2. My grandmother used to go to the store at least once a month to get a ham and do the same thing 🙂 She loved her toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. The guy who punched you sounds terrible. Hindsight for you I am sure. Dory’s “Just keep swimming” got me through my terrible marriage 😀 I speak whale too haha! Be My Baby is a great song for the shower and anytime:) It’s an oldie but goodie! Thanks for rambling with me, Jim!

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