Human Nature

There should be no limit to how far a person should go for a loved one, and any effort that is less than going to the ends of the earth to please them, would be unsatisfactory.  Love is even greater than any distance and you should be willing to go to the moon and back for it.  If you really love somebody, you should be willing to donate your bone marrow or a kidney to help them out, or whatever it takes to help them survive.  Love makes us do many things that we ordinally wouldn’t consider, and we willingly choose to do them.  I feel like I would do anything for love, but I guess that everyone has a personal limit that they won’t cross, as Meat Loaf said, “I won’t do that.”  Dating someone who voted for Trump would be a deal-breaker.  Humans are constantly searching for unconditional love, a love that is endlessly and lasts for eternity, a true love, from the person that we are meant to be withTrue love is a sacred flame that burns eternally, and no one can dim its special glow or change its destiny.  Your true love will hold you with gentle hands and you will be in each other’s arms from this day forward.   

Plato believed in soul mates, and he thought that when one of them met their other half, the pair would be lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and neither one would ever leave the other’s sight for even a moment.  Plato thought that humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces.  He said that there were three different genders of humans.  Each of these original humans had two sets of genitalia.  A small percentage had two male parts and they were called men.  An equally small percentage had two female parts and they were called women.  The greater percentage of the first humans were called Androgynous, because they had both male and female genitalia.  The men were children of the sun, the women were children of the earth and the Androgynous were children of the moon, which was born of the sun and earth.  He said that these first humans had great strength and they threatened to conquer the gods.

The gods were faced with the prospect of destroying the humans with lightning, as they had done with the Titans, but by doing this, they would lose the tributes that the humans had gave to them.  Jupiter developed a creative solution to split the humans in half as punishment for humanity’s pride and this took away their great strength and doubled the number of humans who could give tribute to the gods.  These split humans were in utter misery to the point where they would not eat and they were all about to perish, when Apollo decided to sew them up and he reconstructed their bodies with the navel being the only remnant left of their original form.  Each human from this point on, would then only have one set of genitalia and they would forever long for his or her other half: the other half being their soul mate.  Whenever the two halves would find each other, they experienced an unspoken understanding of one another, they felt unified, and they would stay with each other in unity and experience great joy.  Love is born into every human being, calling back their other half.  It is human nature to search for the one that you are destined to be together with till the end of time.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #77, where she asks us “In your opinion, how far can a person go for a loved one?  Or what can they tolerate?”

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  1. I don’t know about that. I’m relatively human and I don’t feel this compulsion to keep looking. But it is true that I would do ANYTHING for the people whom I truly love… my daughters. No man has made it into my “do anything” realm…

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  2. I really don’t think this kind of love exists in real world! Would you do anything for the person you loved even when their behavior showed lack of respect for you?

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