Black, white and remnants of gray.  Gray is a morally ambiguous and impartial color which is so complex, that it falls in between the absolutes of black and white.  Nothing is ever clear-cut, as there are always two sides to every coin, so you can’t choose to have the good without getting some part of the bad.  People often use the good-or-bad dichotomy to categorize things in their lives, such as events, other people, food, decisions, and even politics.  I often wonder if it is possible that there actually is no such thing as good or bad.  Sure, there are shades of good and shades of bad, but nothing is absolute.  The matter of what is considered to be right and what is wrong is based on a perception, so this is a judgement of the values that you were brought up with.  I am not saying that there aren’t things that everyone in the world would agree on as being right or wrong, but since our world has become a single global society, we need laws to determine what is supposedly wrong and what is right.  As our earth moves through the atmosphere, the colors in the sky change where red is gray and yellow white, but we decide which is right, and what is an illusion.

Humans are born into social units like a family and all social units have rules.  Years ago, religion determined what was wrong and what was right, but lately political views have replaced how people are expected to act in certain situations.  Politicians leave themselves open for public scrutiny, having their faces in the light, which means that they always have their back in the dark.  Politicians make decisions about who controls the power, and we all know that since power corrupts, that absolute power will corrupt absolutely.  What if all the politicians are just a bunch of clueless fools and we are even bigger fools for electing them and going along with their ideas?  I don’t have any answers for you, as everything seems to be black, white and remnants of gray.

Written for Michelle of Putting My Feet in the Dirt April Weekly Story Starters challengeWeek 4 (April 22-30).

8 thoughts on “Laws

  1. As I age, I am seeing more grey and not just on my head. Things that seemed so clear to me back when have taken on new aspects now. I consider it a positive to grow more open to other perspectives…

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  2. A very thoughtful post! I don’t agree that we’re a ‘global society’. In fact, I believe the very concept of a global society is and has been a destructive force.
    Mankind cannot spread himself (herself) that thinly. We are families and communities.
    Think about the dynamic of marriage. Even highly compatible couples bring somewhat different values, concerns, and traditions into one home. To believe we belong to a huge ‘collective’ (like a beehive) is IMHO a horrible expectation. That mentality operates only in a Marxist dreamscape.
    It’s easy to say but, like Marxism itself, it’s an expectation that serves only the powerful while it diminishes the masses… and individuals.

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