Thursday Inspiration #154 You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

Respond to this challenge, by either by using the prompt word music, or going with the above picture, or by means of the song ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Coming’, or by going with another song by Judas Priest, or anything else that you think fits.  Judas Priest recorded ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Coming’ on their 1982 album Screaming For Vengeance and this was their only song to make the Hot 100, peaking at #67.  Rob Halford their lead singer said that this is “a song of hope and rising above the issues or difficulties that come your way. It’s a song of resilience, as well.”  The phrase “you have another thing coming” is sometimes said as “you got another think coming”, and because of this Judas Priest song, people actually argue over which phrase is correct.  Supposedly, “to have another think coming”, means “to be greatly mistaken”.  Their reasoning behind this is that if you think something and you are wrong, or someone believes that you are wrong, they will tell you to think again.  I guess that “you got another think coming” was the original phrase, but if you thought that I was not going to host a Thursday Inspiration because I am participating in the April A-Z challenge, then “you have another thing coming”, as you were clearly mistaken.

Songfacts® describes this as the ultimate YOLO song (You Only Live Once) and this song is all about living your life to its fullest, going for the gusto, with a sucking the marrow approach out of life and living like there is no tomorrow, which means that there is nothing wrong with partying and fully enjoying your short time on this earth.  Screaming For Vengeance was the eight-studio album for Judas Priest and this tune became the band’s signature song.  ALLMUSIC describes Judas Priest as a group who “emerged at the dawn of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.  Decked out in leather and chains, the band combined the gothic doom of Black Sabbath and blazing speed of Led Zeppelin with the inventive art rock of Queen.”  This song was written by lead guitarist Glenn Tipton, lead vocalist Rob Halford and guitarist K. K. Downing.  The other two members of the group on this album were Ian Hill on bass and drummer Dave Holland.

One life I’m gonna live it up
I’m takin’ flight, I said, “I’ll never get enough”
Stand tall I’m young and kind of proud
I’m on the top, but as long as the music’s loud

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  1. I remember seeing Judas Priest perform at my local cinema in 1974, just after they released their debut album ‘Rock-a-Rolla’…which didn’t sell that well…but the rest is history soon after.

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