Mr. and Mrs. Fandango

They parked their bikes and stopped at a bench for a short rest.  Fandango checked his phone and told his wife that he now has 40 likes and 23 comments on his last post.  Mrs. Fandango told her husband to stop boring her with his WordPress statistics, as it was much too nice of a day to be spending it taking about blogging.  Fandango told her that this was the most important thing in his life beyond her, their children and their pets and that he did not enjoy her continually criticizing his posts and giving him orders about what he should write, as this makes him feel like he is henpecked.  He told her that he is the one who wears the pants in this family.  Mrs. Fandango said, “Tonight, I am going to dress you up as a woman to spice things up in our bedroom and you are going to enjoy it.”  Fandango replied, “What if I resist and don’t want to”, he said defiantly.  She said, “Having control over you makes me feel powerful and you only have two chances of winning this argument, and they are slim and none.  You will do what I say and think what I tell you to think.”  Fandango’s last words were, “I apologize.”

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Henpecked and Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #163.

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  1. A 50/50 partnership. Lmao! She may let you think it, even say it out loud, but I haven’t met a man alive who believes that pile of hooey! Yes dear, I’ll be done in a second!

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