Personal Assistant

If I were an app…. I would track everything for you.  I would monitor all of your vital signs, like temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen level, respiration rate, your weight, how long you sleep, and compile a list of everything that you eat.  I would monitor all of your exercise and remind you of all of your appointments.  You would wear me on your wrist and I could tell you the time, date and weather and also be used as your phone and play any music that you have stored on your song list.  I will be able to tell you the contents that you have in your refrigerator and create shopping lists for you.  I can tell you when it is time for you to eat and sleep.  I could give you a list of things that you might want to watch on TV and even switch the channel for you.  I can be hooked into your home monitoring system and let you know who is at your front door.  I can signal your robotic vacuum to run at a designated time and also tell you which one of your cats barfed on the rug.  I would be all that you would ever need, but newer models might include more features.

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge 224, where I went with her prompt of “If I were an app….”

19 thoughts on “Personal Assistant

  1. seems like we’re already there… although maybe not in one app. I got a new phone about 6 weeks back (the cel company told me to come in and get a free one because I’d been with them X amount of time, but by the time I’d bought the SIM card, paid a new activation fee and tax, it cost me about $60) it has 82 apps , apparently, and that’s after I already uninstalled some I knew I’d never use. But it does have a fitness app and I’m a bit obsessed with counting my steps. I find I seem to average about 2500 a day if I’m just at home, doing chores and routine stuff… some days I come in over 5000, but that’s a long ways short of a few years back when I worked in a fairly big, busy store. I used to come home with over 10 000 steps almost daily back then.

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    1. It is great that you are keeping fit Dave. I was walking a mile every day, but things keep popping up to interfere with that and now I am trying to get back into that routine again.


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