All Of Her

He traced every curve with the tip of his tongue.  This was new experience for her, and she never felt these sensations before, being unaware that such a simple delight existed.  Her head was whirling, as his lips were pressed hard against the most private areas of her body.   She felt a searing heat sweep over her as the contact lingered, and she parted her legs wider to give him greater access.  His tongue slid between, slowly, with his customary assured arrogance, quite certain of his welcome, confident in his expertise.  He thought about how complicated women can be, as their sexual desires could range anywhere from being romantic, to becoming carnal, from being sweet and going to risqué.  He knew by her moans that she needed sexual release, when he approached her erogenous zones, but he was still unsure of what she actually wanted him to do.

She longed for attention, as lust takes over and she had this overwhelming need to be touched and satisfied.  He was doing his best to curb the hunger she was feeling, and his few innocent touches seemed to be doing the magic that she required.  He rubbed his cheek against her softer flesh, as they both sighed in satisfaction.  He knew that it was time to stop fucking around, so he pulled her legs apart as wide as they would go, revealing the hottest thing that he had ever seen, a vision of his dirtiest dreams.  He started at the top and dragged the tip of his tongue down the crease, tracing it once, twice, then again, keeping up with a lick, suck repeat pattern with renewed vigor, which he hoped would work for her.  She squirmed under this new relentless assault, and he said, “I’ll stop if you want me to.”  She screamed, “Please don’t stop.  It’s been such a long time since I felt anything this good, and you are doing everything perfect.  I’d forgotten how good this could be.  Yes, oh yes, that is the spot.  Oh, sweet mystery of life, now that I found you, I can’t live, if living is without you, I can’t live anymore!”

Written for Michelle of Putting My Feet in the Dirt March Weekly Story Starters challenge Week 4 (March 22-31).

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