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If everyone writes about the same thing, then the posts that are different are going to be the ones that are interesting to others.  I am not a marketing strategist, and I don’t know what other people want, but I do know what I want.  Unlike most other people, I thought that the Super Bowl halftime show yesterday featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, and Eminem was the worst one ever, as I found it to be unwatchable.  Admittedly, I am not a fan of Hip-Hop music, which is a big thing in Hollywood, as I feel that this is what people do when they can’t really sing, or are able to play an instrument properly.  I don’t have my hand on the pulse of what every other person finds to be interesting, so I am out of touch with what is going on.  I try to avoid blogs that that don’t share my interests and I am sure that many people find my writing to be uninteresting to them, and that is why I am not a very popular blogger.  The thing is, I am not an attention seeker looking for popularity and I just want to be who I am.

Written for Blogging Insights New Format #30 by Dr. Tanya where she asks us what we think about today’s quote by Lee Odden which is “A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.”

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  1. Apparently if you did not enjoy the halftime show you are a racist. Yep. Wypipo especially are calling other wypipo racists for saying they don’t enjoy hiphop music. I liked the costumes, especially Mary Bilge’s, but I could not understand a word they said. That’s fine. I’m old, and if young people like this stuff, then great. I guess they’re not gonna wheel Stevie Nicks out there lol

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    1. Plenty of white people like hip hop, but I am not one of them. If you want to follow what they are singing about, then you probably should turn on your closed caption, so you can read it, but I am pretty sure that you did not miss any significant meaning in these lyrics.

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  2. I agree with you on both. I’m not even a football fan, but we went out to dinner at a relative’s who was watching , so anyway, I caught a little of the Halftime show and no surprise, I didn’t like it at all (although my main reaction was ‘Holy Crap…that’s a big stage!”) I don’t like rap, White or Black, 99.8% of the time, but like Paula says, many jump to call you racist if you say you don’t. Funny thing is that I’ve basically been accused of that by Whites who in turn hate motown – which I can listen to for hours! And with the blogs,yep, write what you want and what interests you, that’s more important than racking up huge quantities of “likes”

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    1. Dave you are a very sensible man with a lot of good advice. How could anybody not like Motown? A lot of people watch the Super Bowl who don’t like Football, because they want to see the new commercials.


  3. I’m not a hip-hop fan either. I didn’t watch the halftime show, so I can’t express an opinion about it one way or the other. In fact, I only saw bits and pieces of the game itself, since I couldn’t care less about either team. Nor did I bother watching the commercials.

    But, Jim, I do differ with you on one thing. You are a popular blogger. And that’s because you are who you are and you do your own thing…very well.

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    1. I am not very popular, as I wrote 5 posts today and I only got 34 likes, which is just under 7 likes per post, and I see so many other bloggers who get 35 to more likes on every post that they write. I am OK with that, because I like my writing better than I like theirs. It was actually a pretty game as far as Super Bowls go, because it was close, and it went right down to the end.

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