Quote Does Not Apply

I have heard this before that, “The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful”, and it seems to make a lot of sense, except for the fact that most people who start blogging have no clue what they are doing.  The more posts that you write and read, the more you will learn and since everything changes over time, I have to disagree with this quote.  It is nice to have ambition, but as the saying goes, “Man plans and God laughs”, so the only way to survive anything is to be adaptable.  Since everything doesn’t always work out for everyone all of the time, oy is probably a good idea to have a backup plan for your master plan, or you can just go with the flow.  It is hard to plan when you don’t know what obstacles you will encounter, and the only way to learn is to get started, so I would tell anyone who decides that they want to start a blog, to go ahead, but don’t plan on being successful, unless you are willing to put in a lot of hard work.  I think that a better quote would have been what the Beatles said, “You say you got a real solution.  Well you know.  We’d all love to see the plan.”

Written for Blogging Insights New Format #28 by Dr. Tanya where she asks us what we think about today’s quote.

17 thoughts on “Quote Does Not Apply

  1. Great song! My blog plan has never changed. Neither fame nor fortune ever entered my mind. It is a rambling collection of creativity centered on my personal values specifically for my granddaughters to one day discover. My own journal/time capsule built of my beliefs.
    (Would I be disappointed if I were discovered and paid to write for profit? Heck no. But I am never counting on anything more than what I set out to do. I’m not interested in impressing anyone. 😉 )

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    1. As long as you are enjoying it, I think it is wonderful. Are your granddaughters too young to read your posts now? I don’t have any type of plan for mine, but it does keep me out of trouble.

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      1. One is sixteen and one is nine. The sixteen-year-old has a full-time job being 16. A few years back, I showed her my Zabby Eight Updates which were a chronicle of her early days with an imaginary friend. She loved it!
        The younger one is spending lots of time with me making up our own stories. She appears to be a candidate to be future writer. I’ll be picking a time to show her my ‘stuff’ when she seems ready. Thanks for asking!

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