Your Mother Wears Combat Boots

Serving in the military means making a number of commitments, but since you joined the infantry, you must take care of your feet.  You will encounter major problems if you contract trench foot, because your feet are wet for long periods of time.  Your feet will swell up and begin to decay, which is no laughing matter, as this will be painful.  It is generally caused by exposure to damp and cold conditions and where blood circulation is restricted.  All soldiers are encouraged to wash their feet and change into dry socks regularly and make sure that you inspect your feet often.  The stronger the bones, muscles, and other tissues in your feet become the more resistant to strain and injuries you will be.  This commitment that you made to serve your country, requires you to be in sound physical shape so you can be of use when you are called on.  Keep your body in shape, but most important, make sure that you have a leg to stand on.

Military operations require intense training which can be harsh on your feet, so it is important not to take your feet for granted.  If your boots are uncomfortable when your unit is deployed, you will have trouble walking, running, marching and performing your duties.  You must find the right military boots that fit your feet, as the importance of selecting the proper foot gear means just as much today for the modern soldier as it did years ago.  Boots have wonderful benefits, being rugged and durable as they provide ankle support and allow you to keep your feet dry.  Keeping your feet supported and comfortable while allowing them to breathe should be your priority when you select your footwear.

Commander Arthur Wellesley the 1st Duke of Wellington is best remembered for defeating Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo in 1815.  Napoleon was known for saying that an army marches on their stomach, knowing that his troupes needed food so they could be able to fight.  The Duke of Wellington said, “that the three most essential parts of a soldier’s equipment are: A pair of good shoes, a second pair of good shoes, and a pair of half soles”, which would add extra lift and cushion for the heel.  The duke who is remembered as one of Britain’s most successful military commanders took a very strong stance on appropriate shoe gear for his soldiers.  The Wellington boots, which were modeled after the Hessian style, could have contributed to the commander’s victory at Waterloo.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #153.

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  1. For many years I kept my army issued combat boots and fatigue jacket, but when we moved from Massachusetts to California in 2010, my wife made me throw them out, since we moved from a large, 4,000 square foot single-family home to a small, 1,500 square foot condo and had nowhere to store “junk.”

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