Havana Syndrome

The room suddenly tilted to one side and the people poured out.  I was at my desk typing up a report, when this room tilt illusion hit me and all of my colleges.  Twenty of us ran out all at once, but I was in charge of locking the building, so I was the last one to get out.  Some people said they felt the room tilt upside down while others said that it shifted on its side, but everyone was unsteady, and many were barfing.  This same anomaly was reported by everyone, and it may be the result microwave bombardment and it could be causing widespread brain injury symptoms.  It is very likely that this could have possibly been caused by the Russians or some other foreign power that decided to target Americans working in the intelligence field around the world.  Either they were trying to harm us or just get their kicks from watching all of us being disoriented.  The CIA says that there are plausible alternative explanations about what caused this illusion, like previous underlying conditions or other medical explanations why we all sensed that the world has tilted at the same time, but this is making people dizzy all around the globe.

We all heard the same high and low-pitched sounds and felt these weird vibrating effects just before we came down with these symptoms which has been a deep disappointment.  Russia has consistently denied any involvement, but I don’t trust them, because they are not a peaceful country, and they want to dominate the rest of the world.  It comes down to money and their desire to sell their dirty oil to the rest of the world.  The individual and individuality as a whole means nothing to Russia and Putin has promised the Russian people with his domestic political propaganda that he will restore them to the former glory they once had when they were the Soviet Union.  He is a slimy dog and in order to stay in power, he has to do whatever it takes to meet his objective, whether that involves imprisoning dissidents, torturing others that get in his way, poisoning them, or killing them.  This unexplained dizziness, the constant headaches and these intense and painful sounds in my ears just won’t quit.  I am just glad to be back home now, but I do miss that Cuban coffee.

Written for Michelle of Putting My Feet in the Dirt new Weekly Story Starters challenge.

12 thoughts on “Havana Syndrome

  1. Hmmm, I wonder when the MRGA… sweatshirts and hats will come out. If it was me, I’d have a white logo with a red star. On the other hand, Russia always gets the credit/blame for the Havana Syndrome. My own favorite theory though is Aliens… not the illegal kind, but the outer space ones. I’ve been reading a novel about Area 51, which probably explains my mindset…its fun bedtime reading, but may be influencing my dreams.


      1. I’d love to but my story telling skills are just limited to very short stories. While you can weave a plot and write out detailed scenarios very easily. If you write a story, I promise to buy it and read it too.

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      1. You’re welcome, Jim. 😃 And yes I plan to keep them going all year. Hopefully they’ll inspire some more of your great stories. And speaking of stories, your comment conversation about Area 51 got me reading a new book today. It’s called: Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base and so far it’s pretty good. 😉

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