That’s Life

Sometimes you are up and at other times you are down, but as long as nobody kicks you when you are down, you can have hopes to get back up again.  If you find yourself laying flat on your face, you need to pick yourself up and get back in the race.  When you sense that the end is near and you see the final curtain coming down on your life, don’t think about your regrets, as we all have them, you should choose your hopes and dreams, instead of your fears.  As long as you can maintain hope, you will have a positive direction to keep your life moving forward.

My Hopes
I hope to have more patients with other bloggers, as sometimes I tend to cringe at the things they write.  Just because I am almost perfect, that doesn’t mean that others are going to be like me.  I tend to have my own taste in music and since I run a popular music challenge, I am exposed to many different songs that I would not normally listen to.  I have to take this whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger attitude, because I feel the need to listen to every song that is contributed to my challenge and by getting out of my comfort zone doing this, maybe I will be exposed to some new stuff that I actually like.

My Regrets
I regret that I have made too many posts already and forgotten most of the stuff that I have written about.  I really need to get better organized, but I regret that I don’t have the time to do that.

Written for Blogging Insights New Format #26 by Dr. Tanya where she asks us to write about our blogging hopes and regrets for this new year.

20 thoughts on “That’s Life

  1. No quibble with anything you’ve written. I suspect that as you continue (if that’s something you decide to do) you’ll figure out for yourself how to manage your time so it is suitable for your expectations/needs. Being taken out of our comfort zones (and into ‘cringe’ territory) can be a learning and growth experience or one can stop reading when one realizes what they’re looking out does not suit their personal tenants. The same with the songs that are outside your enjoyment zone. Listening to all of them, all the way through must be exhausting. If it were me, I’d listen to a bit of a new song and see if it was something I’d want to listen to, therefore satisfying your need to respond to each one (that’s appreciated by the way!) If it isn’t, then don’t finish listening to it, if it is, you might ‘store’ the ones you want to hear all the way through on a list somewhere on your computer and listen to them at your leisure. I know where you’re coming from, because SYW takes hours because I do feel I ought to respond to each participant personally. It’s (IMO) the sign of a good blogger to do that, so that means you are doing something right, Mr. “Perfect” 😉 (that last was a joke on your joke btw)

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  2. Um, no. I’ve checked my spam folder and trash just to see if Gmail put them there, they’ve been doing upgrades at Chrome (messing things up worse IMO), and I’ve had a bit of trouble. I’ve sent you a private message here (from your contact form) and hope that helps. I’m really curious to find out if it’s not working too, so thanks for the heads up! 🙂

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