Alexa Could Be More Useful

I constantly ignore Alexa and she is basically another clock for me, as I use her to set alarms and check the weather, but I am not taking advantage of all of her abilities.  I get mad at her when she doesn’t understand me and if I had more patients, I think I would use her for more tasks.  She is a bit annoying as I typed my birthday into her when I first registered my device, but the other day when I asked her what day my birthday was, she went off on this whole spiel about what a birthday is.  I found out that I need to tell her to remember events in order for her to respond, so I would have to say, “Alexa remember that my birthday is on this date”, and then she would know it.  I read that she has more than 70,000 skills, but most of them I would never use.  I was able to get Alexa to sync with my Outlook account, so I can view my appointments, and that is very useful.  I covered her camera, because I don’t like her looking at me.

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser #63, where she asks, “What do you forget on a regular basis?”

14 thoughts on “Alexa Could Be More Useful

  1. My son was watching our football team (Cleveland Browns,) and at one point he said out-loud “How about those Brownies!?” and Alexa jumped in and said “I’ll find a recipe for Brownies right now…” and she did. The exchange was completely unexpected, and timely.

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  2. Jim I didnt know you had an alexa! I have 2, one in my bedroom and one in the living room. I love her! I love to mess around and find new skills to try out! Plus, she’s always handy for spelling words to me!

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