Give Me Gimme Shelter

I was homeless, having just been evicted from my apartment because I lost my job and ran out of unemployment benefits, when she said, “Come in, I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”  She had just completed building her bomb shelter, so she warned me that if I came in that I better be prepared to stay.  She was certain that a nuclear explosion was coming, and she was happy that she would not be all alone in her bunker.  She said that she had room for me and all of my belongings, but I had to be prepared to stay for several months.  She had a wind generator installed, so her bomb shelter would have electricity and she had bottled water, packaged foods, emergency medicines, a hand-crank or battery-powered radio, several flashlights, and lots of extra batteries.  Since water would be scarce, she said that we would have to sponge bathe each other.  She had a composting toilet for us to poop in, but she said that it would be my job to empty it daily and place everything in another container to give it enough time to turn into true compost.  That was a dealbreaker for me and I wished her good luck, as I went to live under a bridge.

Written for Paula’s Random Friday Prompt.

19 thoughts on “Give Me Gimme Shelter

  1. That would’ve been a difficult responsibility. And the urging to stay for a long would be too binding. Living under the bridge…… well you wouldn’t have to worry about the toilet

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      1. It’s been a standing joke that if we went camping, a flush loo had to be available. We had one in the caravan and the boat but it was a cassette type, though still good enough for my delicate bot!!

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