When Frank turned the TV that night and saw the lead story on the late news, he knew that… the defeated ex-President Donald Trump was going to an insane asylum.  The prosecution made their case against him with very strong evidence about his crimes, but he broke down in court crying, “I won, I always win and it is impossible for me to lose, so the election was stolen”.  The judge knew that once he was confined in mental health institution, that he would remain incarcerated for a longer period of time, than if he had been found guilty and sentenced to a term in prison.  The judge saw Trump as a very bad man, rotten to the core with an evil spirit that made him unstable.  The humiliation of him being declared insane will force him to live the rest of his life completely alone in a federal mental hospital.  Gone are the days when Kevin McCarthy would stop by to kiss his ring, as Trump had to hock his ring to pay for his legal battles and he is still a billion dollars in debt.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #28.

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