Why Guitar Has Been in My Bones

‘Rockin’ ‘Til the Sun Goes Down’ is a non-stop party song written by Alvin Lee and Mylon LeFevre for their 1973 On the Road to Freedom album.  It was recorded at Alvin Lee’s Space Studio, a stunning Elizabethan country manor house only one hour from London, occupying a 25-acre estate in the most beautiful rural Oxfordshire region of South East England.  Lee  sold the house and studio to David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, who used the studio to record parts of their album The Final Cut in 1983.  Gilmour sold the house and studio to Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley, who sold it to Trevor Horn and Jill Sinclair, and they turned it into Hookend Productions Ltd.

The first time I heard this song, I knew that I wanted to write a post about it, but there was literally nothing out there for me to go off of, so I will have to give this my best shot.   Mylon LeFevre was gospel singer from Georgia and his neighbors were the Allman Brothers, and him and Duane used to sit in a bar and dream about the day that they would have enough money to buy a motorcycle.  Felix Pappalardi discovered Mylon singing backup and introduced him to Allen Toussaint, and Pappalardi helped Mylon form a band called Holy Smoke DooDah Band, and they opened for groups like Uriah Heep or Jethro Tull.  The group included Auburn Burrell and J.P. Lauzon on guitar, drummer Marty Simon, Tom Robb on bass and keyboardist Lester Langdale, but they were ignored by the critics, however this was how Mylon came to meet Alvin Lee.  He did four tours with Ten Years After and when the shows were over, or in between gigs, they jammed together.  Mylon was a serious druggie, having a big problem with heroin during that time, and Alvin saw him getting sick, so Alvin took him to Jamaica, and when they returned to England, he invited him to stay in his 15th century manor house in the Chilton hills.  There was no place to score there, so Mylon got better.

This is not the first time that I wrote about a song where there is no listing of the lyrics and I had to listen to this repeatedly to come up with what I got.  I am pretty sure that most of the lyrics are correct, but some of them may be slightly off.  I have to really like a song to be willing to go through all of this work, but this song is great and it was worth my effort.  If you think that I am off base with any of the lyrics posted below, please let me know in the comment section.

Been a fool with the fun around
With the New Orleans, honey been around
Rocking’s just a reason for going out of town
I will still be rocking when the sun goes down
I am just gonna keep on rocking till the break of day
I’m gonna take my party going to the grave
I’ll see Chuck Berry and I wrote a song
About a why guitar has been in my bones
I don’t know why the motive’s been put around
I will still be rocking when the sun goes down
I’m gonna keep on rocking till the sun goes down
I can see Chuck Berry and the Rolling Stones
I’m a rock ‘n roller and it’s in my bones
Music in the podium gets me moving round
I will still be rocking when the sun goes down
I’m gonna keep on rocking till the sun goes down
I’m gonna keep on rocking till the sun goes down
I’m gonna keep on rocking till the sun goes down

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie MM Music Challenge #199 – Love Like A Man.

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