You Got So Big

You were just a little seedling the last time I saw you.  You must have pushed your roots deep down into the soil, because you seem to be well anchored.  Don’t worry I am not going to try and eat you, because my mommy warned me that some plants can be toxic, and even though I am not sure what that word means, I am pretty sure that it is not a good thing.  I know that we have had some rain lately and I am just wondering how that photosynthesis thing is working out for you.  Have you eaten any good fertilizer lately, as I was told that nitrogen aids new green growth, phosphorus builds strong roots and flowers, and potassium ensures strong and healthy plant cells?  My mom sings to her plants and although I am not very good at carrying a tune, I am willing to give it a try, if you think it would help you out little buddy.  Do you like the Beatles?

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #115.

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