She Said She’d Always Been a Dancer

She worked as a nightly cabaret performer at a neighborhood bar and grill because she was passionate about her dancing and aspired to become a professional ballerina, but she had no formal training.  She had this act where she would have water dumped on her and then dance around while she was soaking wet.  The water would fly around everywhere, and her body looked great, because of the sheen that the water produced.  It was similar to the Flashdance movie, except she danced wearing only heels and it drove all of the men crazy.  The stage needed to be almost totally dark, so the sparkling water would show up.

Feminist groups criticized her act for objectifying women, but she had legs and she knew how to use them.  Her legs were the first thing that you would notice about her, and her mother encouraged her to go outside every time that it started raining.  She took joy in the sounds of the rain and walking through puddles.  This dance always brought back these childhood memories for her where everything was fun, and she was free and uninhibited.  As an adult, the rain still calls out to her, but now she gets paid very well to have her fun and maybe someday she will become a ballerina.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #146-2.

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