Same Old, Same Old

Most people will keep on doing the same things every day, resisting any change because they fear the change will upset what they are used to.  Life gets better for every generation, but most people don’t see this, because they observe many things growing worse.  We still have racism, sexism, oppression, pollution, disease and war and these things may never go away.  Most people see doom and gloom, where only a few spread sunlight, and move toward progress.  It is easy to see the glass as being half empty, because the more people have, the more they want.  They are no longer satisfied or content, with having accumulated enough wealth and possessions to live a happy life, as every possession they have fuels a desire for further accumulation.

The first and most fundamental responsibility for a human being is to be happy with what they have accomplished in their life and what kind of person they have become.  Everything that you do should be for your own happiness, but your happiness should come from you being nice to others.  Happiness is inside of you, and you can achieve it anytime you like, no matter the outside circumstances.  If everyone could learn how to listen more and criticize less, the whole planet would be better off.  Make a goal of leaving an imprint on the world for doing great things, as we all have the opportunity to grow.

Written for Blogging Insights New Format #20 by Dr. Tanya where she asked us to consider the following quote, “Don’t be the same, be better.”

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    1. Thanks Dr. Tanya. I think what really matters is doing what you can with the little time that you have. I have a suggestion for your 5 Things Tuesday post which would be writing a post about the 5 bloggers that you would like to meet in person.

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