Low Tire Pressure

This is the third time this idiot light has come on in my car.  I can ignore it for a while as it is an orange or amber light and it is on steady, but the blinking red ones that come with a beeping noise demand immediate attention.  I think this is just a normal part of living in Florida, where your tire can lose about a pound of air pressure for every 10-degree drop in temperature.  Thus, when the temperature drops at night, you get the low tire-pressure warning the next day.  I looked at my tires and they all look fine to me and since I won’t be driving in the Indy 500 any time soon, this is just an annoyance.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

10 thoughts on “Low Tire Pressure

  1. Get a tire gauge Jim…on my Sonic that indicator drove me crazy…it could be off by a fraction and that thing would go off.


  2. We had new tyres fitted last week so you can imagine how annoyed we were when this same warning light came on a day or so later. When we got home, Hubby checked the pressures and one of the new ones was down. We did them all (I did one too as I need the practice), reset the menu and so far all is good. If it comes on again, we shall be back to the garage.

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    1. I don’t enjoy seeing idiot lights that keep coming on my dashboard and this must be a design flaw in the manufacturing because I don’t really care if they are missing a little bit of air. I just ordered a pressure gage and an air compressor, so I can fix this, but it is annoying.

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