Walking Bree

I picked up a part-time job as a dog walker, which doesn’t pay much, but I think it could improve my lifestyle, by getting me in better shape.  The dog is a standard poodle, the large kind and she is chocolate colored and about 4 years old.  She is very well behaved when I walk her, as she doesn’t bother barking at other dogs and she ignores all of the squirrels.  The lady who owns Bree is on oxygen and she can’t get around anymore.  Her daughter had been walking the dog, but it got to be too much for her, as she works and has her own dogs at her house.  They want me to walk Bree every day and I tracked my steps on my fitness watch, which said I covered 1.3 miles on our walk.  There was a slight breeze blowing today, but it gets hot here in the summer, so when that happens, I will ask if it would be OK if we go for a walk on a stardust evening.

Written for Paula’s Paint Chip Friday challenge #15 where today we are supposed to derive inspiration from Valspar’s “stardust evening” and/or “dusted gloam.”

10 thoughts on “Walking Bree

  1. There’s something very satisfying about walking a dog. Just keep a couple doggie bags handy…most folks aren’t happy if someone lets their dog ‘go’ and then doesn’t pick up the result. Bree sounds like a very refined lady dog though, so perhaps she’s discreet.

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    1. I always pick up and the owner has a lot of poop bags. They have a mud sink in the garage that they let me use when I am done walking Bree, as even though I don’t touch anything, I like to wash up when I am done.

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