Tunnel Of Love

On entering a tunnel….. my head was flooded with all of these sexy thoughts about being able to grope her and maybe get some sloppy tongue-kisses, while we were alone in the dark.  I wondered if we would be able to do some dry-humping on slow-moving indoor boat ride.  I had never been on a romantic boat ride before, but I knew that the darkness would provide enough intimacy for us in this place where any public display of affection would be frowned upon.  I met her on Facebook where we were immediately drawn to each other and we arranged to meet at the State Fair, in front of the booth where she was showing her prize pig.  She had a 280-pound hog named Elmer who she put a lot of work into to get him entered for the Best in Show competition.

Her name was Alicia and she had to go down to the barn twice a day, morning and night, to feed and walk her pig for 30 minutes to an hour, and then clean its pen, and of course she had to bathe Elmer weekly and oil him daily.  Elmer took second best in the contest, and I went up to Alicia and told her that it was pretty amazing what she accomplished and then I hugged her.  I met her parents and then she told them that we were going to explore some of the other events at the fair.  She told me to wait outside of this trailer, so she could change into something more presentable.  She came out wearing a tube top, a short skirt and stiletto heels completed her outfit.  I put my arms around her to save her from falling, as we headed for the Tunnel of Love.

We were both double vaccinated and neither of us had done any making out since the pandemic started, so we were more that eager to experience something that was purely physical.  With each of us being teenagers, this tunnel sounded heavenly for us to explore a pure, honest form of connection that we both felt.  We didn’t have years of baggage to cloud our feelings and neither of us feared getting hurt by the other.  We didn’t think that this would develop into a long-distance relationship, but we had today, and we were going to take advantage of that.  When we arrived at the Tunnel of Love, the ride conductor told us that there would be a 20-minute wait, because he was going on his break, but if we stayed on the line, we would be next.  Alicia smiled at me like the Cheshire Cat and said, “I wonder what we could do to fill the time”.  I grabbed her hand and took her over to this nearby bench and I said, “I am sure we can come up with something”.

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #210, where today she gives us the theme of “On entering a tunnel…..”.

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