What Next

When I looked inside, I saw no sign of life whatsoever, except for… this humming noise that was coming out of my Power Supply Unit.  My cat had knocked my coffee over and some of the liquid spilled into my desktop computer, but I acted quickly and unplugged it right away.  I knew that my computer would be able to survive some water being spilled on it, provided the power was off, but mine was running at the time.  By powering my system down, this would prevent me from getting a nasty shock when I surveyed the damage.  I slid the side panel off, to get a better look and since my computer was unplugged, I began to wonder why the power supply was still humming.  Then I remembered what I learned in Physics 2 in college which was all about electricity and I knew that it would take 5 time constants for a fully charged capacitor to discharge all of its voltage.  I was sure that there was a formula to figure out how long these time constants would last, but I wasn’t going to touch anything till the humming ceased and I thought it was safe.

It is probably my fault, as I never discouraged my cat from climbing on anything, because I knew this was ingrained in her nature.  Years of hunting birds which are found in trees, made cats become climbers.  I know that mine always looks for the highest space in every room to give her the best vantage point.  She jumps up on the counter when I am preparing her food and she leaps on the table when I walk by and begs for me to pet her.  I have several cat trees for her to climb up on, but she still goes on the bookshelf and knocks things over.  When she is not sleeping, most of her day is spent in the window, watching everything that is going on outside.  My cat wanted to see what was inside of my computer, but I had to brush her away, as I didn’t want her curiosity to be the end of her.

I waited till the humming noise went away and then I wondered if I should dump rice on my computer like they say you should do for a cell phone, or maybe I could use a hair dryer on it.  I thought about calling my friend Max, who is a real computer geek, but I figured that his troubleshooting skills would be limited without the computer being plugged in.  I was afraid of powering it up again and since I didn’t have the confidence to fix this myself, I decided to put the side panel back on and get a professional to handle this.  My friend Fandango blogs on his phone, but that is not my style and this is one of the reasons why I bought that new laptop.  My cat returned and meowed at me.  She looked at me with her green eyes and rolled over on her back and I knew that she wanted a belly rub.  When she wants my attention, she can be very demanding.  She can be such a cutie and I enjoy her company, but I don’t know how many more times I can put up with her breaking stuff.  I guess I should try drinking my coffee out of a cup with a lid on it.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter #22.

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  1. The only potential risk with blogging on an iPhone is the possibility of dropping it in the toilet while standing and taking a leak. That happened to me a few years back, so now I always carefully place my phone down on the bathroom sink counter while peeing.

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