Never Volunteer

I volunteered to take over as the editor of my neighborhood newsletter this last February, as I figured that since I am at my computer writing all day anyways, how hard could it be.  For this December’s newsletter, I finished it 10 days ago and I sent it to the Treasurer and the President of the board of directors for their approvals, so it could get printed.  The writing isn’t all that hard, but because there are elderly residents living here, it needs to be printed, as they don’t have the internet or email.  One of the delivery guys who goes around on a golf cart to put the newsletters in the media boxes enjoys his job so much, that it is the highlight of his month and he will be wondering why they are late this month.  The Treasurer got back to me with her corrections which I made, but yesterday I had to contact the President again and ask him if he was going to make any changes and he told me that it had his approval and that I could take it to the printer.

I took it to the UPS store today and the girl who usually prints this for me had transferred to another store where she got a promotion.  There was another lady there who had printed tis out for me before, but when I gave her the file on a USB drive, so told me that her terminal was having problems connecting to the printer that creates the newsletters.  It is a monstrous printer that makes a two-sided folder paper that is composed of four 8.5 by 11-inch pages, so it is not like everyone in the store is trained on this.  She told me that some guy came in to untangle a mess of wires in this cabinet just last week and she thought this was why she was having the connection problem.  She has tomorrow off, so if it doesn’t get straightened out today, it is going to be late, but this is clearly not my fault.

Written for Paula’s Monday Peeve.

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  1. Not good Jim.
    I often got volunteered to take people home from the ladies group I belonged to………. normally I wouldn’t mind, but two of them were in opposite directions, and neither the same direction as me!!
    The lady who volunteered me drove herself, but never to the meetings, relying on me, or someone else to take her. She never offered to take anyone either, but when I witnessed her driving, or should I say crashing into the same gatepost TWICE, I think people felt safer walking!

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  2. Volunteering is an exercise in futility. There is always someone who thinks they could do the project better. If anything goes wrong its the volunteers fault…. No one likes the volunteers efforts…

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    1. The president is a very busy person and he does a lot more work than I do, so it is hard to blame him. I can’t imagine what it is like working in a UPS store as they handle so many things, so it is also hard to blame them. I guess it is not that big of a deal that the newsletter will be a little bit late this month.

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  3. Well good for you for trying… hope some of the neighbors appreciate it.
    I voluntarily edited a newsletter for a nature organization in my old home area some 30 or so years back. Did it for two years, I wish I had some of the copies around still because I think I did a quite good job. But there were problems. Some with deadlines but mainly egos… it was usually 8 pages, at times members would turn in rambling six, seven page articles and wouldn’t like it if I edited for space. Then there were months that almost no one turned in much so I filled in with a lot of articles I either wrote myself or pulled from other sources, and that rubbed a few the wrong way, like I was trying to take over entirely. I took some pride in it, but two years was enough. And as smug as it sounds, it went downhill after I stopped.


    1. The UPS store used a different printer and they called me to pick it up yesterday which was the First, so it got delivered on time. The printer they used didn’t fold them like the other one does, so I had to fold 135 newsletters by hand and that took almost 45 minutes of my time which was very frustrating.

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      1. I worked in a printing place…Pip Printing as a grahic artist in the 90s…along with every other job. I remember taking work home with me to fold countless papers…so I feel your pain.

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