Who Talks Like That

I actually said “Golly gee” one time when I was swimming in a private pool with this drunk girl after she said, “oops my top fell off”.  It was the only response that I could come up with that seemed appropriate for the situation.  I was invited to a friend’s house, who I knew, but actually never really hung out with.  His name was Rory and he was best friends with Albert who was dating Peggy Sue, who had just split up with Albert.  Peggy Sue was over at Rory’s house and she was sad about her recent breakup, so she started drinking very early that day.  Another couple was there, Jeff who I knew pretty well and Irene who was a good friend of Peggy Sue.  Jeff was the one who called me and told me to come to the pool party.  I don’t have any proof, but I always thought that Peggy Sue and Albert along with Jeff and Irene were probably into swinging together or partner swapping from some of the things that Jeff told me.

When I arrived at Rory’s house, Jeff and Irene were in the pool with Peggy Sue, who was clearly sloshed by that time.  I had known Peggy Sue since 8th Grade, which is long before she started dating Albert.  A few minutes after I jumped into the pool, Jeff and Irene got out, leaving me alone with Peggy Sue.  She jumped into my arms, but I resisted her advances out of respect for Albert, who I thought was a nice guy and this was sort of a Bro Code, which said “Bros before hoes” and he had first dibs on her so it was not clear to me that she was on the market yet, as they had just broken up last night.  My thinking that they were most likely swingers, put the whole bro code along with the dibs part basically out the window, but I didn’t want to be the rebound for some drunk girl.  Peggy Sue covered her breasts with her hands when she lost her top and I told her that they are only breasts and she didn’t have to cover them up on my account.

The last thing that I wanted to do was make her feel uncomfortable, or have her start crying because I was not taking her bait, so I complimented her titties and told her that she looked really nice.  I was trying to react appreciatively and with a sense of gratitude for her being comfortable without her top on in my presence.  I picked up her top which was floating on the top of the water and I offered to help her put it back on.  Peggy Sue told me that she was fine not wearing her top and she was enjoying the unrestricted freedom and the she started kissing me.  As we embraced each other Rory came out by the pool and said that Albert just called and he was on his way over.  Our kiss ended abruptly and Peggy Sue seemed to sober up fast and she put her top back on.  A few years later Albert and Peggy Sue got married and they invited me to their wedding.

Albert and Peggy Sue made a great couple, but I always wondered if I had acted differently, what might have happened between Peggy Sue and I.  I bumped into Peggy Sue a bunch of times at different parties and I always felt this special closeness around her.  I guess she expected me to take charge of the situation and maybe I blew it with her because of my reluctance to move as quickly as she wanted me to.  I will always have my memories of her taking this daring risk, ignoring her modesty and exposing herself for my pleasure.  When Albert arrived at Rory’s house, I was glad that I didn’t go any further than kissing Peggy Sue in the pool that day, or otherwise it would have been very awkward.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where today the prompt is to use “Golly gee” or another interjection that displays the same sentiment in your post.

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