Turkey Nap

Nutritionists say that you should wait about three hours between your last meal and taking a siesta to allow digestion to occur so the contents of your stomach can move into your small intestine.  I feel like curling up on the couch after my Thanksgiving feast to catch a few winks, but this has nothing to do with the tryptophan in the bird, as this effect stems from consuming a lot of carbs and calories in a short time, as that takes a toll on your body.  Why did I eat all of that stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce?  The simple answer is that it all tasted so good and it was the best meal I are all year.  I hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday as much as I did.

23 thoughts on “Turkey Nap

  1. After a good Christmas meal, it became a tradition that after pressie opening we all crashed out in front of the TV and had a nap. Sadly in those days if they waited three hours, they would be asking what was for tea!!

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  2. It sounds like your Thanksgiving was very nice! I solved the pie conundrum (because my menu was roughly the same as yours, save I didn’t have any mashed potatoes) by simply not looking yesterday. I suspect the numbers were higher than I would like, but for me? It’s once or twice a whole year that I do such a thing, so meh. I ate my pumpkin pie with whipped topping. Ziggy got some of the crust and of course some turkey. His day was fine too. Happy Festive Season to you!

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