Many Possibilities

You can get the right people to follow your blog by tying a yellow ribbon around the ole oak tree and clearly stating the purpose of what you have to say.  Once people know how you are going to express your feelings & emotions, they will keep coming back to get their daily dose of what you are throwing down.  If you have not tied that yellow ribbon for people to see what your blog is about, they will stay on the bus and ride right past your house with no intention of getting off to see what you are blogging about, so you have to be like a dog and mark your turf.  When the right people are seated on the bus and they get window seats for when the bus drives past your house, they won’t have to think twice about getting off to see what you are saying, and once they are familiar with your blog, they should be able to predict what’s coming around the next corner.  They won’t need to face chaos and uncertainty once they are acquainted with your writing style, and a whole busload of people can stop by to visit you every day.

Most blogs are not going to change the whole world, but every blog has the potential for doing something great.  There are some busses that you don’t want to have driving past your house, so you need to be concerned with what type of people are getting on these busses.  The thing about blogging is that you really can’t control who is going to read what you write, but if you stay consistent with your topics, your audience should be reflected in that.  Blogging can be a beautiful skill if the blogger is intelligent and possesses good communication proficiency, but a blog doesn’t always need to express feelings & emotions to interesting.  It is a really great feeling when you write something and you see that whole damn bus full of people cheering for what you wrote

Written for Blogging Insights New Format #18 by Dr. Tanya where she asked us to consider the following quote, “Blogging is a beautiful skill to express your feelings & emotions to the right people out there.”

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