Thursday Inspiration #134 After the Love Has Gone

Respond to this challenge, by either by using the prompt word alive, or going with the above picture, or by means of the song ‘After the Love Has Gone’, or by going with another song by Earth, Wind & Fire, or anything else that you think fits.  ‘After the Love Has Gone’ is a single by Earth, Wind & Fire that was released in 1979.  The song reached #2 on both the US Billboard Hot 100, coming in just behind The Knack’s ‘My Sharona’ and it also got to #2 on the US Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart.  It reached #4 on the UK Pop Singles chart and got to #3 on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary Songs chart.  The song sold over one million copies in the US alone and was a Top 5 hit in the UK.  It eventually brought home two Grammy trophies.  ‘After the Love Has Gone’ was produced by Maurice White and written by David Foster, Jay Graydon, and Bill Champlin.

David Foster got a call from Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records, so he went to talk to him about Jaye P. Morgan’s unreleased album to let the executives hear some of the material.  Foster was in the middle of a song and ad-libbed the chorus for this song, as he had forgotten the words.  Berry Gordy liked it, but he felt that David needed to do something that combines both pop and R&B.  Then Foster and Jay Graydon asked Bill Champlin to write lyrics to the music after Graydon had come up with an idea for the verse.  Foster went over to Jay Graydon’s house, sat down at the piano and had an inspirational moment where the chorus for the song just poured out of him like a gift from heaven.  He couldn’t believe that this had poured out of him on the spot while he was under pressure, and they had the whole song written in about half an hour to 45 minutes.  David recorded about three different versions with Champlin.  David was also writing with Maurice White for Earth, Wind & Fire at this time Foster and he showed Maurice the song, which White loved and wanted to record.  Foster and Graydon later told Champlin that the song was being pulled off his album for inclusion on Earth, Wind & Fire’s ninth studio album I Am, which Champlin agreed with, thinking it could be big.

Music executive Tommy Mottola the former boss of Sony Music was Hall & Oates’ manager in the seventies, when Foster came over and played this song for him.  Foster wasn’t a great singer, but Mottola knew immediately that this was going to be a gigantic hit.  Daryl said the song was good, but it wasn’t their style, he didn’t think that they needed it because Hall & Oates’ always wrote their own music.  This frustrated Mottola because he knew that this song had potential.  More than a year after David Foster played that song for them, he stepped onstage to accept his first Grammy for it at the 1979 awards, which made Mottola shake his head.

Earth, Wind & Fire were arguably the biggest black rock band in the world, scoring nearly a dozen gold and platinum albums, and charting Top 10 singles like ‘Shining Star’, ‘Sing a Song’ and ‘After the Love Is Gone’.  Critics may have eventually soured on their increasingly sophisticated mix of disco, fusion jazz, Africana, soft pop and stoned soul; but their message of peace, spirituality and love, as well as their fantastic outfits and incendiary live concerts, made them one of the quintessential bands of the era.  Earth, Wind & Fire employed 10 musicians during their peak years, as well as the famed Phenix Horns section.  White was always at the center, whether singing lead vocals with the gospel-trained Philip Bailey, or working in the studio alongside the legendary producer Charles Stepney.

In this song a guy discusses his relationship with someone that he was once with.  They were deeply in love, but it faded away, maybe they were too young to appreciate what they had, but something happened and it all changed for them.  Happiness turned into sadness after their love was gone, and what they thought was right, turned out to be wrong and they will probably never capture their love again, so they just keep on questioning themselves.

For a while, to love was all we could do
We were young and we knew, and our eyes were alive
Deep inside we knew our love was true
For a while we paid no mind to the past
We knew love would last

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