Mathematical Expression for Blogging

Dr. Tanya asks us to comment on this expression, “To Blog = To share, To connect, To create, To inspire”, which are all important aspects of blogging.  There are probably many other mathematical expressions that could be used about blogging, such as the posting frequency at any blog will be directly proportional to the traffic received at that blog, so if you write more posts, you will probably get more visitors.  Thus, we have posting frequency ∝ number of visitors.  How about shorter posts tend to hold your reader’s attention more than longer posts, making this equation post length ∝ attention span.  I think that posts which feature pictures or videos are more interesting, so this equation would work out to be videos = connections.  I think that real comments are much better than emojis, so another equation might be comments = interactions.

There is no argument from me that when you write a blog that this is done to share, to connect, to be creative and hopefully to inspire others, so I totally agree with Dr. Tanya’s mathematical expression, although I mostly blog to be creative.  I don’t have a problem sharing and sometimes, I may even share too much.  Sometimes I write stuff that is a bit off the wall and I don’t get the connection that I am looking for, but I usually get around 15 Likes and 8 Comments on every one of the posts that I write and that is enough for me.  I am clueless as to if I have ever inspired anyone, but I do host a few challenges which some people respond to and I guess that is because something that I wrote inspired them to participate.  Anyway, blogging is always a very important part of my day.

Written for Blogging Insights New Format #16 by Dr. Tanya where she asked us to comment on a mathematical expression for blogging.

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