A Rare Bird

I am a birder and I do birding, which means that I watch birds which is a popular pastime that is growing rapidly.  I came to love both birds around the same time that I developed an interest in cameras and sometimes these two things live in perfect harmony with each other, but some photographers feel that the birder is trespassing just to check a bird off their list, and birders have the opinion that photographers are terrifying birds just so they can get more likes on Facebook.  I like both of my hobbies and I don’t want to be classified in either category.  I have an excellent pair of binoculars and if I get the chance, I like to take photos of the birds that I see.  Birds are all around us if you keep your eyes open and this hobby makes me feel like I am connecting with nature.  I can wait for the weather to be nice and fit bird watching into my schedule.  I have learned a lot about birds and the more I know, the more fascinating these creatures become to me.

It is usually an inexpensive hobby, that is if you can enjoy doing this in your own backyard, but costs will mount up as you start to become more serious, like if you keep a journal on the birds that you have seen and if you start traveling to record a certain species that you desire to see.  Bird watchers can become fanatical searching for rare birds and it can be a great thrill to spot one of these.  I have seen a Rainbow Lorikeet, a Golden Pheasant, a Quetzal, a Hoopoe, a Bird of Paradise, a Puffin, a Macaw and a Kingfisher in my travels.  I hope that one day I will see a Pochard, a Flowerpecker and a Bristlefront, but today I came to this tropical island hoping to see a Nuthatch, and since none have been observed since 2018, that would totally make my day getting to see this very rare bird.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #143.

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  1. We have a lot of birds who fly around our backyard, ranging from small birds like finches to crows, doves, hawks, and turkey vultures. Always interesting to watch them.

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