For Your Approval

I pointed to the word approval on the November Cambridge Newsletter and since I have an electronic copy of that I highlighted this word in red (see above).  I volunteered to take over the position as the newsletter editor in January and my first newsletter was issued in February of this year.  I figured it would be good to give back something to the community that I live in and since I am retired, I enjoy writing and I spend a lot of my time on the computer, this became my job.  I must go to the monthly meeting and take notes and then put together the newsletter from the reports of the various committees.  Most of this is a copy and paste and sometimes, I will have to scan the information in first.  There are other sections of the newsletter that are my sole responsibility, like community events, neighborhood events, helpful hints, interesting facts, and jokes.  When I am finished writing I need to send it to the President and the Treasure of the Board of Directors for their approval and then I can take it to the printer.

We had some good news yesterday with the Infrastructure Bill finally getting passed and Biden will sign it soon.  It ended up being a bipartisan bill, because six stubborn Democrats voted against it, but 13 Republicans gave it their approval.  There are many good things in this bill and our country needs this.  There are so many things going on in politics today and this post gives me a good opportunity to address a few of them.  A lot of Republican States do not like the vaccine mandates that are being forced on them, which is for large corporations, and they still have the option of weekly testing if their employees don’t want to take the Covid19 vaccine.  It is like all these little babies are throwing tantrums because they can’t get their own way and they need spankings.  Aaron Rodgers the Green Bay Packer quarterback just tested positive for Covid and because the Players Association for the NFL is so strong, this unvaccinated player will only miss on game for now.  Rodgers claims to be aware of the “woke culture”, meaning that he is “awake to sensitive social issues”, but he says that he has allergies to the vaccine.

Things did not go well for Texas when the Supreme Court looked at the controversial anti-abortion law that they just passed.  The Supreme Court decided that Texas is prohibited from enforcing this anti-abortion law, so that seems like a win for the good guys, but this whole issue is far from being settled.  Joe Biden got a big win, however he needs another one for his Build Back Better plan, which is the reason why the six Democrats that voted against the Infrastructure Bill, as they wanted to have this passed first, because they don’t trust members of their own party.  It is like the biggest babies in the world, are the ones that are running our country.  I think that Nancy Pelosi did a great job handling the cry babies in her party, but there always more waiting in the woodwork.  She knew that she had the votes before she presented it to the House floor.  I am happy this got enough approval, so this country can start moving ahead to do some good things, instead of constantly arguing.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt to close your eyes and point to a word on the printed material that is nearest to you.

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