Blackbird Fly into The Light

Light my fire, so I can be blinded by the light.  Without darkness, there is no light.  They say that Mohamed Ali was so fast that he could turn out the light and be under the covers before it became dark.  Breathe deep the gathering gloom and watch the light fade from every room.  Dark star crashes, pouring its light into ashes.  Good golly Miss Molly is rocking at the house of blue light.  You give me fever causing my eyes to light up when you call my name.  You are such a pretty little thing let me light the candle.  Jack Straw was a half a mile from Tucson, by the morning light, when I decided to shine my light through the cool Colorado rain.  Once in a while you get shown the light and this may be why George Harrison focused on the Inner Light.

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #206, where today she gives us the word prompt of light.

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