Bustle In Your Hedgerow

  1. Where did Fireworks originate?
    In my eyes when I first saw her.
  2. What gives fireworks their color?
    Animal byproducts.
  3. What does PGI stand for?
    Perfect Genitalia Issues
  4. What is the difference between a Firework and a Firecracker?
    A firework loses its job when it is fired, but a firecracker gets unemployment benefits.
  5. Which country uses fireworks on August 20th to mark it National Celebration Day?
  6. What is a sparkler?
    An engagement ring.
  7. Who is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks in the world?
    The coyote got all his stuff from Acme, but a lot of it backfired.
  1. To what does baozhang refer?
    I’m not sure that is a real word.
  2. Who composed Music for The Royal Fireworks?
  3. What is a Chocolate Bomb?
    Cocoa puffs.

Written for Di’s Fibbing Friday.

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