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My day started out like any other day with the urban sunrise shining through my window, and then later my friends came around.  I am teasing, as I don’t actually have any real friends, just virtual ones that I will probably never even get to know their real names.  Anyway, I sat up and opened my eyes and then I heard the landscapers cutting the grass outside and this was not the awakening that I was looking for.  I was hoping for another dark morning, so I could stay in bed longer, but with the Sun up and those mowers going, there would be no rest for the weary.  Pretty soon the clocks will spring back and the mornings will be brighter again, but I have miles to go before I can sleep.  Actually, my doctor told me that I should walk a mile every day, which I haven’t started doing yet.

I don’t want people looking at me while I am walking past their houses and I am too lazy to drive to a park, so I am thinking about getting an affordable electric bike which is also called an e-bike.  This way I can pedal when I want and if I get too tired, then I can turn the motor on.  Some of these contraptions can be expensive and I am looking at Lectric XP 2.0 which will run me about $1,300 with the battery charger, the optional comfort seat and the Cargo Package which will give me that Front Rack, Small Basket, and Large Basket in case I want to ride over to Publix to get some groceries.  I think that this will make a nice Christmas gift for me to give to myself and I feel that I am worth every penny that it will cost.  I should probably order this pretty soon, as every day I hear how bad the shipping delays are.

Written for Paula’s Paint Chip Friday challenge #10 where today we are supposed to derive inspiration from Valspar’s “urban sunrise” and/or “awakening.”

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  1. Well, I say go for it…get the bike. The last time I rode a bike I twisted an ankle, about two weeks before we went on vacation. In fact that might have been in 1972 when we went on our honeymoon to Quebec. Do you know that that lovely city is uphill both ways? My ankle felt like it was on fire. Otherwise we had a great time. We consumed a bottle of wine and French Onion Soup every day at lunch, and another bottle at evening meal.

    As a kid I loved riding my bike. I had a paper route, and there was a long, long hill that was really fun to ride down on…uphill, not so much.

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    1. I had a paper route as a kid, but I spent all the money I made buying stuff from the Ice Cream truck that came around. If I get the bike, I will probably invest in a helmet also.


      1. Yes, definitely get a helmet. I don’t know what I did with my paper route money. It was back in the 50s, so it wasn’t very much. We didn’t have money for fad items, so anything “really cool” I would have had to save up and buy myself. Baby-sitting was also an income-producing activity for me until I turned 16 and could work in a better paying job. I also needed money to buy gas for my clunky car until it died.

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    1. Yes I saw some of them going for $6,000, but there was also another one at Walmart that was going for about $350, so you need to shop around. You already have the electric car, so this is your next step.

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  2. Good for you. The world is always better when viewed from a bike seat. I heard today about a fellow mountain biker who just bought an e-mountain-bike because he can no longer keep up with his son. It’s neat that they’ve blended bikes and motors so seamlessly.

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  3. My sister bought three electric bikes during the Pandemic, so she could invite others to join her biking. We all thought she was crazy and they would gather dust like some of her other exercise equipment and plans. But she kept at it and convinced my wife and I to try them even though we long ago gave up biking and our bikes. The electric option made all the difference to my sister. She uses them regularly.

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