The Cure

I had my head out the window of the car the other day and something flew into my eye and scratched my cornea.  It is not like I suffer from poor eyesight and I have been bumping into all types of objects, it is just that I couldn’t stop rubbing my eye, so I was taken to the Veterinary ophthalmologist.  Since they couldn’t understand me when I was reading the eye chart, the vet decided that I should be wearing goggles to prevent me from doing any further damage to my eye.  Eventually I got used to the goggles, but after my eye healed, they took them away from me.  I felt that the goggles made me look smarter and more attractive, so on my last visit to the vet I picked up this pair of wire rimmed glasses and this is my new look.

Written for Sadje at Keep It Alive What Do You See #105.

23 thoughts on “The Cure

  1. Okay then. I chose to ignore the wild eye, because a lot of pugs I’ve met have one. It’s probably hard to keep eyes that bulbous under complete control. Good story. I too have been pondering the short versus the long blog. I’ve written six (will be seven today) stories for a Halloween challenge that’s going, and I’m not sure anyone is reading them because most of them are too long. So your opting for brevity for yours was a wise choice.

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    1. Thanks Melanie. Fandango always told me to make my stories shorter and when they become too long, readers will just skim them instead of actually reading. I will probably write some more long stories, but short ones that hold your trader’s attention are good.

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      1. Mine grow and grow, even if I intend to make them short. There always seems to be some vital detail that needs including. Fandango has expressed the same idea to me, but I figure if they have the time and want to, they’ll read them. Even skimming them is okay with me. Just so long as they don’t ‘permanently borrow’ them. But I read fast too, so ought to consider those who don’t read that quickly when writing my stories in this forum anyway.

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