Under the Weather

I am still suffering side effects from the booster shot that I had on Monday, so Thursday Inspiration is going to be cancelled for this week.  I am still sleepy and I have body aches and now I have a sore throat.  The only good news is that the calf muscle that I pulled in my right leg is feeling much better now.  I promised Share Your World Melanie that I would be hosting a Halloween special, so next Thursday on October 28th I will be writing about the Warren Zevon song ‘Werewolves Of London’ “Ah-hoo”, come and join in on the fun.

30 thoughts on “Under the Weather

  1. Really! I had my booster (Pfizer) on Monday too… Imagine that! My first two shots back in February were uneventful. but this booster got me sicker than a dog. In fact I was SO sick I almost called my daughter, a retired RN in the middle of the night. I had a killer headache (I almost never get headaches anymore) … stopped up nose and had to breathe through my nose, tightness in my chest, pounding head (oh, I said that before.) Aches everywhere, extra painful leg pain. Chills. warmness. etc etc

    Oh…to be fair I have to admit that in their holy high intelligence Walgreen’s also did my regular flu shot at the same time. The person that administrered the shots was excellent…I didn’t even feel the second one. AND I had two separate band-aids!

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    1. You must be very brave, as I don’t think that I would let anyone talk me into getting two shots at the same time. I am feeling better today, but I am going to take another nap now. I hope that you get better soon.


      1. Thanks. My decision to get both shots at the same time was based on convenience…I HATE having to run around doing mundane stuff like doctors visits, etc. Now my nurse daughters, friends, blog-buddies, etc. are advising not to get both shots at once…even the nurse who did the shooting acted like she was just following orders (sorry, a bit of dark humor there). One thing that I do wonder about after the fact is why I have been in a deep funk since I had the shot(s). I usually don’t spend time crying and feeling sorry for myself, but in the midst of the vaccine fiasco my sweet cat Sister got killed in the road…which didn’t help. She was sort of old, and liked walking perimeters to find munchies like mice and squirrels. I am sort of over-sensitive right now, I guess.

        Sleep is the best thing actually, when I have had the flu in the past I just go to bed and sleep until it passes. I’m never sick long (fingers crossed) a day or two. Sorry to lay my woes on you…you win, I guess.

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      2. Thank you. Hope you are feeling better. I’m still out of sorts from the vaccine(s)…just punkish. My other cats miss Sister, they sulk around and I get the impression that they think I did something.

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