Slept All Day

I took a 3-hour nap in the morning and another 2-hour nap this afternoon.  It is not like me to sleep this much, bot I guess I needed it.  On the days where I decide to take a nap, it is usually only for one hour.  I only woke up from my last nap because I had to go to the bathroom and I was hungry, having slept through lunch.  I just pigged out on a bunch of Fritos, because it will be dinner time soon.   I want to appologize to everyone for not reading any of your posts, the last two days, but I hope to be back in action soon.

10 thoughts on “Slept All Day

  1. I am not worrying about the booster until December. That’s the earliest I think I’m eligible. It’s really okay for you to sleep when you are physically exhausted (which obviously you are, your body knew it, even if it wasn’t a conscious thought). We’ll still be here trundling along when you are back to yourself again, in the mean time concentrate on feeling better, whatever that might involve doing! Take care, Jim! 🙂

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      1. I’ve heard one or two folks who said the same. The booster made them sicker than the original. Well I’m used to being sick in the winter anyway, it won’t be a burden and I’ll certainly feel a lot better after I get the shot. Too many unvaccinated and carriers up this way. 😦

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