Mom It’s the Police

My mom has had a tough week and ever since dad left and ran off with his secretary, things have been really hard on her.  I knew how much she needed her rest, but the cops were out front asking questions about my older brother and they said that they wanted to speak with an adult.  My mom was an attorney and I knew that she could handle the police no matter what this involved, so I woke her up and told her what was going on.  She put on her robe and went to the front door, so she could talk with the police.  The told her that my older brother had borrowed somebody’s car and he sideswiped another vehicle and that they wanted to bring him into the police station to test his blood alcohol level to see if he was over the limit and then they could give him a DWI ticket.

My mom was furious and she told the cops that it was 3AM and that she needed to get back to sleep, because she had a big case that was going to trial the next morning.  My mom found out that nobody was injured and that there was minimal damage done to the car that was sideswiped and she assured the officers that she would get to the bottom of this, but now was not a good time.  She told the police officers that blood alcohol levels will continue to rise even after somebody has passed out and that her son has been in bed sleeping for the past 2 hours, so what ever level that found on him she would have it overturned, as she knew all of the judges in town and the police commissioner and this case was a cinch to be dismissed.  She suggested that they let this go till the morning and that she would bring her son in to answer any of their questions at that time and she warned them that if they didn’t want to let this go that they could probably kiss their jobs goodbye.  My brother was always a wild man, but my mom knew her stuff and these officers turned tail and went away.  I learned that most people would never mess with my mom, especially while she was trying to get some sleep.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver – Only When I Sleep – hosted by Stephanie Colpron of Word Adventures.

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